Shocking Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s Face ID

Shocking Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s Face ID

Fan expectations are getting higher as Samsung is coming closer to unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 9. Samsung promised that Galaxy Note 9 is going to be the best smartphone that it ever created and therefore, it should come as no surprise that the standards bar is raised pretty high. However, what many people don’t know is that Samsung is also adding the finishing touches to Galaxy S10 at the same time.

Samsung loves to be one step ahead of everyone and this is why the tech giant is already working on next year’s flagship smartphone. Even though Samsung might not want to unveil any details about Galaxy S10, this doesn’t mean that we need to wait until next year to find reliable information about the upcoming smartphone because the internet is buzzing with leaks about it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face ID Leak

Considering that Samsung is the biggest tech company in the world, there are hundreds of leaksters and publications who focus on predicting Samsung’s every move. The Bell which is a Korean publication has a good track record of predicting upcoming Samsung devices and The Bell somehow managed to get its hands on a Galaxy S10 leak.

Removing the Iris Scanner

The Galaxy S10 leak is unveiling a shocking change that Samsung is planning to make to its next year flagship smartphone. Galaxy S10 will not feature an Iris scanner anymore. However, Samsung will replace that feature with a special 3D face-scanning module which is going to compete directly against Apple’s famous Face ID.

Smartphone Security

Samsung was expected to equip Galaxy S9 with an in-display fingerprint scanner, but this never happened. Samsung said that after meticulous tests, it determined that installing a fingerprint scanner beneath the display will make it easier for hackers to unlock Galaxy S9 devices. Therefore, Samsung decided to go the safe route and install a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner instead.

Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone, but Apple’s iPhone X took the lead when it shipped with Face ID which allows users to unlock their device just by looking at it. Fortunately, Samsung is looking to equip Galaxy S10 with a similar feature and this is where the new 3D face-scanning module comes in.

Developing “Intelligent Scan”

The Bell is saying that Samsung has partnered with an Israeli based software company known as Mantis who is tasked to develop “Intelligent Scan”. This feature is going to be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Face ID.



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