The Shock of Mid Twenties – How to Prolong Your Youth

Written by Shahid

The Shock of Mid Twenties – How to Prolong Your Youth

It comes a day when you realize that forever young is just a song. Little by little, youth goes away without us noticing. It starts with small changes like expression wrinkles and several white strands of hair. However, women go past these minor troubles with makeup and dye as they were already using cosmetic products.

But the real challenge comes when metabolism is starting to slow down and weight gaining makes its way through. Suddenly, the same ailments that once made no difference in your diet are now depositing fat on your body!

The way new generation prolong the health and fitness.

Let me tell you my story. I have always been skinny, no matter how much I ate and what I ate. I used to be proud of my constant weight and I’ve never understood people who deprived themselves of food and calculated the calories.

This till one day when I’ve noticed that my stomach has gone crazy. Then I went up on the scale and guess what? I was 5 kilos heavier! It doesn’t sound too much, but it is really visible on skinny girls!

So I’ve decided to take immediate action with an attack plan. Yes, I’ve started counting my daily calories, too! Additionally, I’ve eliminated all commercial products out of my diet and I got out of that sofa! Here are the apps from my phone that have helped me stay on the right track.

Apps for Reaching Weight Goals


Health Tracking Apps

  1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Are you eating less, but still not losing weight? This app will teach you that the quantity is not the only decisive factor. It makes a lot of difference what exactly you are eating. For instance, I’ve decided to give up on bread and buy Lebanese flat bread instead.

I thought a smaller product will be less harmful. But guess what? A single piece of pita has more calories than the same amount of white bread! Also, this app will let you know what kind of elements are missing from your diet.

For example, a big part of the calories from one’s daily alimentation should come from carbohydrates. The problem with those gaining weight is that they take in calories from fats and proteins.

In here, users can also find blog posts with clean eating recipes, workout exercises and weight loss indications.

Ultimately, just scan the product’s bar code with the camera and the app finds the right food. It instantly displays a list with calories and their distribution. And yes, it contains products from all over the world, in all languages!

Users can input physical activities chosen from a really endless list of exercises. After adding them up, the app calculates the calories lost and adds them to your daily calories allowed. This way, you can compensate for the extra food eaten.

  1. NutrApp

NutrApp has a very simple interface and it is really easy to use. Thus, your attention is not distracted by tons of other features. Here are the main four buttons of the app: food search, favorites, nutrition tracker and BMI calculator.

The food searcher works with a certain product or a single ingredient. And the result is amazing – all the possible elements of that food (called macro components) and their percentage. Don’t know what the carbohydrate or the galactose is? No problem! Just touch the dropping menu and find out in a second.

The BMI calculator instantly tells users if they have a normal weight or they are too slim or too fat.

NutrApp also offers daily calories counter for those who must stay within a certain amount.

Apps for Eating Clean


Apps for Healthy Food and Drink

The most important factor in reaching a normal weight and in staying healthy and energetic is the alimentation. Also, this one is responsible with early aging or a prolonged youth. Here are the best apps I’ve tried so far in this matter.

  1. Chemical Cuisine

The first step in clean eating is to know what the aliments are made of. And we are referring to the processed ones, full with all kinds of chemical elements. This app has a database of over 100 artificial additives and offers descriptions for each of them.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start learning chemistry. Each element has a label – just hit Safety Ranking and see the legend. This button will show you the meanings of different symbols like – safe, cut back, avoid, caution or certain people should avoid. This way, you can learn what aliments are worthy of being in your grocery basket.

  1. Just recipes

This app is just amazing! You’ve got like all the recipes in the world in one place. It isn’t large, as all the resources are online.

Inside, you will find tons of videos with recipes in different categories – simple food, Indian cuisine, BBQ, Japanese cuisine, basic recipes, natural and organic foods, and so on. But the cherry on the top are the channels with the famous Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

  1. eMeals

This is an extremely useful app for staying on the right track and not buying noxious aliments. First of all, it allows users to choose a food style – classic meals, clean eating, low carb, low fat and more; and the family size – a couple, or a family with kids. Then, depending on this choice, the team sends out plan meals every week.

Additionally, every plan arrives with organized grocery lists and even on sale items. Users have the possibility of adding their own needed products in the shopping list. The app automatically organizes them by store sections for easier and smarter shopping experience.

Apps for Working Out


Workout Apps

  1. Workout Trainer

This is a motivating working out app. It starts by asking for personal data input, used to personalize the exercises. This short form contains questions like: What’s your fitness goal? or What makes it hard for you to work out?

Then, users have the possibility of scheduling particular exercises. And the best part is yet to come – there are full workout programs to choose from depending on what part of the body you want to “kill”. But please note that this option is not free.

  1. Blogilates app

Cassey Ho is your number one friend when it comes to staying on the right track and work out regularly. Unlike other exercises, hers are always new and out of the box. Users never get bored! Plus, a large number of movements are entertaining and funny. Not to mention that she always talks to you during the workout. This helps “students” forget about muscles pain and tiredness.

So the app contains monthly workout calendars for popsters and also two calendars for beginners. Anyway, users get connected to the YouTube Blogilates channel where there are literary tons of working out videos for all parts of the body.

They are organized in categories, so it is not hard to find a certain type of exercise. Additionally, users benefit from videos with clean eating recipes, easy and fast to make!

Take action today, install these apps and start having a healthier and lighter life!



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