Sharks and Mermaids aren’t the only Fascinating Additions To The Sims 4: Island Living

Sharks and Mermaids aren’t the only Fascinating Additions To The Sims 4: Island Living

The gaming community is going nuts after The Sims 4 released the latest Island Living DLC. Island Living expansion features mermaids, and they are a part of mysticism Sim type. A standard Sim needs hygiene to survive in the world of Sims; however, the mermaids need hydration to survive in the game.

According to online sources, the level of hydration can be met by swimming in the ocean for a while. Moreover, swimming in the ocean also increase the level of fun. There are specific yet simple ways to gain hydration in the game, such as by drinking water or washing hands.

The mermaids in the game have the natural gift of befriending dolphins. They can talk to dolphins the entire day and become their BFFs. If people are going through severe boredom, they can also feed their Sims to sharks. It might not look like the best solution, but it makes the expansion better than its predecessors. Nevertheless, the new expansion is not successful only because of mermaids and sharks.

The beautiful world and culture of Sulani

The tropical world incorporates a bar among one of the islands and also features two beaches. The beaches of Sulani are dead-beautiful, but there aren’t a lot of activities to conduct on the beach. Sims can indulge themselves in swimming, sun-tan and eat food items that draw inspiration from Hawaii.

The Sims 4 Beaches of Sulani

The most exciting part of the expansion is the Sulani people’s culture along with the build-and-buy objects of the pack. The children of the island have a few specific needs in the game. These Sims prefer to be in constant touch with their tradition as failing to do so will lead to a catastrophic outcome for them.

The Sulani people have to ponder on the cultural food of the island such as pit barbecue, poke and kava. In the Island Living expansion, kava is a new drink which doesn’t have alcohol content in them; but the drink provides a relaxing effect to the Sims. Earning a gold rating during kava party is exceptionally challenging as most of the Sims fall asleep even before the party is over.

The Island Living expansion also involves the activities that remind the heritage of the people. The Sulani natives sometimes would meet a stranger Sim and offer them food, which is the token of sharing. The expansion pack also comes with a wide array of hairstyle such as the new curly hair. For the first time in any Sims games or expansion, the curly hair has massive curls.

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