How To Set Up Samsung Pay On Galaxy S8

Have you already bought the latest Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S8 and intending to get the best out

Have you already bought the latest Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S8 and intending to get the best out of it? Then getting Samsung Pay on the device is a must have as it will turn your device into an e-wallet and will eradicate the need of carrying your wallet everywhere you go. In order to use the Samsung Pay on your phone, you have to set it up. We will explain here how to set up Samsung Pay on Galaxy S8.

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Why set up Samsung Pay?

  • One of the best reasons to set up Samsung Pay on Galaxy S8 is that the latest offering from Samsung is wrapped with many exciting features which make it almost mandatory to get Samsung Pay to make things a lot easier.
  • Apart from Galaxy S8, this feature can be enjoyed with any of the Galaxy devices.
  • Samsung Pay is compatible with all kind of terminals, old and new, so, it can be used everywhere.
  • Galaxy S8 is equipped with the NFC and MST Technology through which you can pay on more merchants, generally more than you can with Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • Most of bigger carriers in the market support Pay including Sprint, Cellular, Verizon, AT&T and more.
  • Also, most of the big banks including Bank of America, American Express, Citi etc. works with Samsung Pay.

How to Set Up Samsung Pay On Galaxy S8:

Setting up the app in your Galaxy S8 is easy but before that ensure the financial institute you will be using for Samsung Pay is compatible with Samsung Pay app.

  • Next head towards Google Play store and search for the Samsung Pay app
  • Download and install it in your Samsung Galaxy S8 device
  • Once installed successfully, launch the app which will ask to log into your Samsung account first
  • If you already have one, then put the login details or else create one
  • Also if the Samsung account details are entered from another app then no need of putting the details again as the details will automatically be linked up with Samsung Pay.

  • Next comes the verification procedure. In case you have set the lock screen with fingerprint scanner then you will be asked to put the PIN again and go for scanning the fingerprint before moving ahead. Here you can choose the preferred verification method, it can be either biometric authentication or PIN.
  • Now tap on the ‘ADD Card’ option.
  • Next, go for adding the credit or debit card. Here, the app can be permitted to capture a photo of the card to collect all the details from there while you can also go for manually entering the details.
  • Once done, tap on ‘agree to all’ option to agree with all the terms and conditions.
  • Now all the bank credit or debit card details you have entered will be verified with your bank and this is done through SMS, call or email. So, you are required to choose the preferred method.
  • Next, the bank will send you a code which you need to enter into the required field.
  • Once you are done with all these things, a blue box will be available where the users need to sign their name and tap ‘save’.
  • Finally, tap ‘done’ and your Samsung Pay will be ready to use.

How To Use Samsung Pay In Galaxy S8

Once you have set up Samsung pay on Galaxy S8, you need to enable some other settings for the first time use and you will be good to go. The NFC is to be made on for making the first time purchase as the required information for making a purchase through Samsung pay is exchanged through the NFC.

So, head towards settings>NFC and payment (turn on the NFC and Android Beam)> Tap & pay and there you need to set Samsung Pay as the default payment app.

  • Now when you make any purchase open the Samsung Pay app in your device providing the PIN to unlock
  • Next, hold the phone over the Point of sale terminal and put the Pin or else use the biometric authentication.
  • That’s it you can go back home after making the purchase successfully.

So, this is the ways to set up Samsung Pay on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

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