How Secure Is Your PC? 4 Best Antivirus Software Programs

How Secure Is Your PC? 4 Best Antivirus Software Programs

Virus and malware attacks pose threats to computer systems that can result in identity theft, extensive loss of profits and even widespread effect on business, like the recent NHS cyber attack that crippled the IT systems of the hospital across the UK.

This is why having effective antivirus software is utterly important. Developers of antivirus programs usually release updates to improve the performance of their products and each year, more and more internet security software and suites are introduced in the market. However, as the fight against virus attacks and malware continues, viruses and other malicious software also become more threatening and harmful. That said, it’s equally important to ensure that the antivirus software you use is indeed secure.

Here is a review of some of the popular antivirus programs available today:

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

This antivirus package has a database which is stored in the cloud, a feature that reduces the space it consumes on your hard drive, at only 2MB. With this antivirus, programs and files get scanned while their signatures undergo analysis in the cloud. If a file is shown a potential threat, it is quarantined as further evaluation continues. Once it is determined to be safe, it is removed from the quarantine state. According to an analysis test conducted on the Webroot Antivirus package, results were promising and the program was able to pass with flying colors, in terms of anti-phishing, malware-blocking and blocking tests on malicious sites.

Avast AntiVirus

Avast has been a popular name for years when it comes to protecting computer systems against viruses, Trojans, and malware. There are two versions; the Avast Free Antivirus and the Avast Pro Antivirus. The former offers basic virus protection which is reliable and secure while the paid version offers more tools for enhancing internet security. Some of the features include DNS poisoning protection and a sandbox that can be used to run suspicious programs without harming your PC. Moreover, it contains a password manager. This software got a perfect score on the tests conducted by AV-Test.

McAfee Antivirus Plus

For years, McAfee has been one of the more popular antivirus programs available to computer users. One of the best things about this package is that it can be used in multiple devices, such as macOS, Android, and iOS. Conversely, for PCs, it boasts of a simple user interface and gives effective in protecting your computer system from malware attacks. It also comes with a firewall and reliable tech support.

Avira Antivirus Software

When it comes to usability, performance, and protection, Avira got perfect scores, according to an independent lab, AV-Test.  On top of its basic features that include automatically scanning computer systems, it also scans USB ports and emails. Once the threat is identified, the suspected file or program is destroyed to prevent it from entering the system. Of all the interesting features of Avira, what is considered the best is its ability to differentiate between non-threatening programs or files and harmful ones correctly.

Threats to computer systems will always be there and the number of viruses will continue to increase. That said, having secure antivirus software to protect your PC or device and knowing the best free antivirus you can get in 2017 are two areas that should not be overlooked.

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