How To Search By Date On Google

Google is the most trustworthy and reliable search engine which has gained huge popularity. Almost 80% people across the world make use of this search engine to get the best answer to their queries. While asking something to Google, it throws back numerous search results of good quality. While some of the results in the web pages carry a date this small information is eliminated from some other web page. However, the date stamp sometimes gets suppressed on the search result and is not shown on the web page. But the date is a great indication of the updated content. So, how to search by date on Google?

There are several ways to search by date on Google. We have discussed all of them. Keep reading the article to know those processes.

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How to search by Date on Google

Method 1: Advanced search

Advanced search is the best way to get updated content. This process lets you retrieve the updated content of some specific time. You have the option to choose the time frame. First, launch the Advanced search page from the settings. However, in order to quickly access, you can also bookmark this Advanced Search on your Bookmark. Next, you just need to enter the keyword, tap on the last update drop-down box and choose the time such as past 24 hours, past week, past month and Past year etc. It will retrieve the results of web pages which have been updated in last 24 hours or last week.

How To Search By Date On Google

There is also an option to search by language, file type, region and usage rights.


Method 2: Any Time Tool

Another way to search by date on Google is to make use of the Google anytime tool. First, complete the search with the required keyword. Next, go to ‘Tools’ that is located just below the search bar and tap on Anytime. It is a drop-down menu from where you can pick any option such as past 24 hours, past week, past month and Past year etc. For example, if you select past 24 hours, it will retrieve all the web pages updated in last 24 hours with a publish date along with them.

How To Search By Date On Google

You will see an option ‘Custom range’ in that same list which can be used in case you are looking to perform a search with a specific date range.


Method 3: Use Finitimus Chrome Extension

This is a very helpful handy browser add on which help you retrieve the date easily. But this Chrome extension can retrieve the date if it is already present in the source code or Meta data and Google has suppressed it for publication. So, install this add-on and then tap on Accuracy of a particular web page to see the published date.


Method 4: From the source code

This is a bit tricky than all other processes mentioned here anyway with the right guidance you can easily find out the date from its source code. The process will vary according to the browser. It is explained here.


  • If you are using Chrome then first perform a search, go to a specific web page and then right click on it to get the date.
  • Choose the option ‘View page source’ which will bring the source HTML in a new page.
  • Perform a search by pressing the Shift+F, right here Published and it will focus the published date within the meta tag.


  • Perform a search and right click on a specific web page to get the date.
  • Go to ‘View Page Info’.
  • Scroll down to see the meta tag for the date. That’s it.

So, this is how to search by date on Google. The processes are too simple and will allow you receiving fresh content easily.

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