Sea of Thieves’ Treasure Hunt Latest Details and Time Frame

Gamers interested in playing the new Sea of Thieves game can finally own a pair of golden 18-carat bananas, if they win the Treasure Hunt event. Yes, you heard us right, no, this is not a joke, and yes, this is actually happening.

More details about the event

As we’ve previously talked, this treasure hunt is going to start on the 19th of March. Since Sea of thieves has just been released with the beta version, not the official one, the developers are creating this treasure hunt as a form of promotion to get more attention to it. The event is going to let you team up with up to three other friends in order to crack the puzzle and get on your path towards the treasure.

The time frame

This treasure hunt is going to start at 12:00 AM PST, spanning over the course of three days and 15 different riddles to be solved. The countries that will be able to enter this hunt are the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, the US, and France. The quest will end on the 21th of March at 1:00 AM PST. Up until then, players will be able to enter their answers for the riddles that have been provided.

The first team from every country that gets all the correct answers will move on to the semi-finals that will take place on the 22th of March and they will consist on one final riddle. Do not fret; users will also get a couple of different prizes along the way, apart from the grand prize of the golden bananas.

This quest is going to span over a number of real-life locations. If you don’t have the time to actually go there and solve the riddle, the developers will also release them in some digital form. If you are interested in this contest, feel free to enter and may the grand prize be yours!

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