Save up to $72 on These Keyboard Deals

A keyboard is an essential accessory for any computer as it is the main input device apart from the mouse. A good keyboard is appreciated by everyone from gamers to office workers. There are many kinds of keyboards like mechanical, membrane, chicklet and more. Here we are going to present some keyboards, which are available right now at good discounts.

Eagletec KG010-N Mechanical Keyboard

The Eagletec KG010-N is a mechanical keyboard with blue switches and 104 different lighted keys. This version of the keyboard does not come with backlighting but offers an ergonomic typing experience that makes it suitable for both office work and gaming.

The features of the Eagletec KG010-N are as follows: –

  • Long Life: The Eagletec KG010-N is a mechanical keyboard that is equipped with custom blue switches, which ensures a long lifetime and good tactical feedback on keypress.
  • Laser Etched Keycaps: The keycaps on the keyboard are laser etched which prevents the lettering to fade with time.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum /ABS Construction: The keyboard is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS plastic that can be used for long periods even in tough office environments.

The Eagletec KG010-N provides a mechanical keyboard experience at a budget price. The keyboard is available at only $30.99 after a discount of $7.00 on the original price.

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RazerBlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The RazerBlackWidow Elite is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is designed with speed and accuracy in mind. This version of the keyboard comes with orange switches that give a tactile and silent experience.

The features of the RazerBlackWidow Elite are as follows: –

  • Tactile and Silent Keypress: The orange mechanical keycaps on the keyboard provide tactile feedback with 45 G actuation force but at the same time is a silent keyboard.
  • RazerCroma: The keyboard is fully RGB that can be customized using the RazerCroma app. It can also be integrated with different hardware like the Philips Hue.
  • Programmable Macros: Using the RazerHypershift software, you can set different macros for different key combinations.

The RazerBlackWidow Elite is a proper gaming mechanical keyboard that comes with different kinds of switches. The keyboard is available for $97.99 with a discount of $72.00 from the original price.

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Here we looked at two different mechanical keyboards that are available at good discounts. The Eagletec KG010-N is a good keyboard for office environment as well as for gaming and is available at a low cost. The RazerBlackWidow Elite is a professional gaming keyboard that can be bought for only $97.99, which is a huge discount.

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