Save up to 15% on Gaming Keyboards with these Deals

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards refer to the dedicated keyboards with special keys that are used while making swift moves on the screen. They come with backlighting and RGB lighting to make the playing of the game immersive. Some of these keyboards are available with certain unique features like the ability to convert a 96-key device to a 106-key device for gaming. The complete multimedia experience on your system can be gained through the controls set on the keyboards.

Waterproof Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This waterproof gaming keyboard has been constructed with bold keys that are set in an ergonomic style. The strokes are manual but your fingers won’t feel tired even after hours of playing your favorite game and the palm is also comfortable. The light effects can be adjusted in 16 different ways to give you the glam feeling. The keys can endure millions of presses and the colors won’t fade either. There are provisions to hold your mobile phone as well. This offer on this keyboard includes an LED optical mouse.

This waterproof gaming keyboard mouse combo is selling at $58.41, down from $63.66. 

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MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

This MOTOSPEED professional gaming keyboard has 87 keys and is quite compact because the separate number keys have been eliminated. The manufacturer has brought it to the market after putting it through rough tests to ensure you have a durable keyboard that lasts beyond 50 million keystrokes. The Outemu switches are responsive to the fingers and good to use. You can set the keyboard to different gaming modes offering optimum performance. The keyboard is backlit. You can connect this to any PC running on the Windows platform. You get a 12-month warranty.

This MOTOSPEED professional gaming keyboard can be yours for $42.99, $5.58 down from the original price of $48.57.

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VicTsing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This VicTsing RGB mechanical gaming keyboard comes with customizable RGB backlighting to adjust the brightness. The blue switches fitted on this keyboard have 2.20.6 mm keystroke trip ensuring accuracy even at the speed you press them. These have been tested for 50 million keystrokes. The 96 keys can be expanded to 106 keys. The keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature and is spill-resistant. So, go ahead and enjoy your coffee as you play your game without worrying you may spill the coffee. You can use them with Windows PCs and Mac systems as well.

This VicTsing RGB mechanical gaming keyboard carries a price tag of $39.99, now against an earlier price of $46.38, a discount of $6.81.

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