Save up to 15% on Ethernet Switches That Offer Better Connectivity

TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch

The latest devices are usually Wi-Fi enabled and you may be able to connect many devices in your home or office with a Wi-Fi connection. There are still many legacy systems like PCs that may not have Wi-Fi connectivity provision. There are gaming consoles that need to be connected to the internet through a wired connection. Your incoming Wi-Fi router will not have the provision to connect these devices. You will need an ethernet switch to do that job. Ethernet switches are available in different configurations and let you connect a few more devices than you would have thought possible.

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (GS305PP)

This NETGEAR 5-port gigabit ethernet switch (GS305PP) has five-gigabit ports as the name suggests. The total power that the switch draws is 83W and this is a simple plug-and-play switch. It is a silent device as it has been built without a fan. The manufacturer has also obtained certification for the energy efficiency of this ethernet switch. NETGEAR is a reputed name for ethernet switches and related products.

This NETGEAR 5-port gigabit ethernet switch (GS305PP) is going at a deal price of $84.99, $15 down from the earlier price of $99.99.

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This TP-Link 5-port gigabit ethernet network switch is a very efficient switch that lets you connect up to five devices through the ports provided. The ethernet network switch has to be connected to your Wi-Fi router. These are easy to plug in and use and no special software is needed to establish the connection. The ports have different capacities, 5 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit auto-negotiation RJ45. That gives you maximum flexibility to handle your other requirements like data transfer.

This TP-Link 5 port gigabit ethernet network switch is on a deal price of $14.39, $7.58 down from $21.97 priced earlier.

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This TP-Link 8 port gigabit ethernet network switch/splitter is a useful device to connect your computer and accessories including gaming consoles to the internet. The incoming internet connectivity would land on your router and from there you can use this ethernet switch/splitter. There are 8 ports in different configurations to facilitate the connections. The power consumed by the ethernet switch gets automatically adjusted according to the number of connections in operation. This ethernet switch enjoys a 2-year warranty.

This TP-Link 8 port gigabit ethernet network Switch/splitter gets a discount of $2.37 from the earlier price of $19.36 and is sold at $16.99 now.

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