How to Save Places in Google Maps

Have you ever thought of having a list of places in Google Maps that you’d like to revisit? Maybe your friends have mentioned some great places such as restaurants or clubs in a few cities and you want to check them out in the future. Or you just love to explore new places and then share them with your friends but you’ll need to keep the address in mind.

Then search no more, we know how to help you in saving those favorite places on Google Maps. It’s easy, efficient and handy when it comes to finding your surroundings.

This app will let you save a list with all the places you want to see, places that you like or a custom list with any places you choose. You can make your list public or private and also share it with your friends through a link.

We’ll show you how to use all these options on your Android devices.

How to Save a Location

If you use an Android device, open Google Maps, search for a place, and tap the name of the location and save it. Then a window will show you to choose from a list which is already there or you can create a new one.

How to Check Your Lists

After you open the app, tap Settings -> Your Places -> Saved and there you’ll be able to browse all your lists. In that panel you can choose a few options such as sharing the list with your friends through a link and edit a list or delete a few items. You can also hide the locations on your map. In order to share a place you will be required to tap on that exact place.


Following these easy steps will help you a lot in your travels and will also let you share the places you visited with other people.