Samsung’s User Interface for Android Q: One UI 2.0 and 2.1 will be Released

Even as Google is on its way to formally release the next stable version of its operating system Android Q, the smartphone makers would have received the beta versions to develop their UI skins. Samsung, one of the largest makers of Android phones in the world, has adopted a practice of releasing its One UI in two instalments over the year that each version of the stock OS remains in vogue. The practice may continue with the Android Q OS as well.

It Will be One UI 2.0 and One UI 2.1 This Time

Google releases its stock Android OS new versions in October. The Android Q or version 10 OS will be accordingly available for the upgrading of smartphones by the respective manufacturers/brands by that time. Samsung would have released its Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in August in different variants. These will be the first ones to receive the upgrade to the new Android Q OS, along with the One UI 2.0. Practically, what the user receives on his/her device is the One UI 2.0 which is built on the stock Android OS. The company will then go back and keep upgrading the other models released in 2019 and those it finds suitable to run the OS.

The next big launch will happen in the first quarter of 2020 when the flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 will be due. It is now being predicted that Samsung will then release the One UI 2.1 built on the Android Q OS to run the different variants of Samsung Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11

This is the same pattern that was followed with Android Pie, One UI 1.0 and then the One UI 1.1 being released along with the Samsung Galaxy S10 earlier this year.

One UI to Include All Improvements Made by Google

Samsung will not complicate matters for the users of its smartphones and will include all the technical and functional improvements that Google has brought about within the Android OS ecosystem. This means the improvements in Q over Pie. While some of them like Focus Mode may be made available to all models across the spectrum, some like Live Captions etc. might be provided to only the high-end devices, it is learnt.

Other Samsung-specific features like Bixby Routines will also be integrated into the Android Q-One UI 2 operating systems. Samsung however picks and chooses its models to pass on the special features.

The only aspect the smartphone users will be looking forward to will be how quickly Samsung follows through with its UI version following the release of the stock Android OS by Google.

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