Samsung’s Upcoming AR/VR Headset – All You Need to Know About 

Samsung’s Upcoming AR/VR Headset – All You Need to Know About 

The virtual reality industry has been steadily growing over the past few years. Consumers are more likely to buy a VR headset now than they were a couple of years ago when these headsets first started to come out. Samsung, one of the biggest tech giants, is not one to shy away from coming up with technologies that will make VR headsets better and better.

This is why rumors have been spreading that the South Korean company is working on an AR/VR headset. We already have Samsung Gear VR available on the market, but the device has its limitations. Today we will be talking about all the rumors and updates concerning this device and what the competition may have in store.

AR and VR

For those that do not know, virtual reality completely shuts down the world around the users and creates a whole new universe whereas augmented reality does the opposite. Augmented reality adds elements to the environment around the player. AR is said even to overthrow smartphones in the near future, as it is one of the most significant advances in technology as of yet.


The problem with Samsung Gear VR was the fact that it needed to connect to a Samsung smartphone to work. And not just any smartphone, the list contained most of the recent devices that were released by the company which have high-end specs.

What this new AR/VR headset is said to do differently is that it will be wireless. It will not need a phone to work, and it is believed that it will use Samsung’s OLED displays. By this, we can understand that the cameras are going to display the outside world rather than project it onto the glass.

This device might just be the first mass-produced headset for consumers. If the rumors are true and Samsung is genuinely working on perfecting this device, then we will get to see a whole new era of technology and gaming interaction.

Apple’s competition

Samsung is not the only company that has thought about working on a new and improved VR headset. Apple’s VR headset is also said to be in the works. If these two companies will both release similar VR headsets, then we will be the witnesses to an all-out war between them on the market. Yes, for us as consumers it will be an exciting moment since we will get to see two tech giants fight with one another to see who will come up with the best improvements to their technology. The primary goal is to attract buyers, of course.

However, if both devices will run on similar specs and offer almost identical experience, what will set them apart from one another? The software and the design of the device, of course. Samsung is partnering up with Microsoft for this AR/VR headset.

This means that the device will run on Samsung hardware pieces and Microsoft software. Apple is most likely going to use its software to power the device. Another thing that we are most likely going to see is Apple coming up with a design for their headset which will entice users to use it as part of their daily lives.

Release date

So far we are only basing our theories on rumors and leaks that we have seen pop up on the internet from some reliable sources. We can expect Samsung to launch this high-end headset as soon as this September, possibly during IFA 2018. Of course, if they decide to announce this device in September that does not mean that it will also be available for purchase. We think that after the device is announced, we will still have to wait a year or more before we can get to buy it in stores.


The world of VR headsets has very different price tags for each device. However, these prices are justified since every single device offers something different. The cheapest out of the whole bunch is Samsung Gear VR which costs almost 130 dollars. As we mentioned before, the device needs to be connected to a Samsung smartphone to work which may turn some people down from buying it. The best specs to price ratio come with Oculus Go, which is available for around 200 dollars on the market.

On the high end of the spectrum, Microsoft HoloLens is another VR headset that costs 3 thousand dollars. We also have an HP headset on the market which is around 300 dollars, but it requires a very beefy gaming computer to work as it was intended.  Since we are almost sure that Samsung wants to make this wireless headset available for the average buyer, we can expect it to cost around 500 dollars. However, this is only a guess, and the price may be higher or lower. Until Samsung makes an official announcement, nothing is certain.



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