Samsung’s Radical Update Exposed by Galaxy S10 Leaks

Samsung’s Radical Update Exposed by Galaxy S10 Leaks

We can finally admit that Galaxy Note 9 is a problematic device, but we have also found out the reasons why. The 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 is soon to be released, so Samsung is saving all their eye-catching upgrades for it.

The extensive known accurate site The bell from Korea posted a new report which states the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus will be equipped with four, respectively five cameras.


The Bell, more detailed, affirms that triple rear cameras will be found in both models. It is also a variety in front cameras with Galaxy S10 Plus having two and Galaxy S10 one. These features will once again develop Samsung into a runner-up of the companies that innovate smartphone cameras. To be more specific, Huawei’s P20 Pro and Google inspired the Korean company to take over the image processing.

And it does not end here

Galaxy Note 9’s most significant omission will be integrated into the Galaxy S10 along with a redesign, proof that Samsung will eventually take advantage of its bezel-trimming technology to its full potential. What worries most of us is the possibility of a budget model being released which might miss a key feature, an action that will undoubtedly dilute the Samsung Galaxy S10 brand.

Taken that into consideration, in the latter half of 2018, Apple is set to steal the spotlight with a trio of new iPhones everybody is gossiping about. However, Samsung can get its place back as it is prepping a new flagship smartphone due to be brought up in early 2019. Because the company’s true 2019 game-changer is speculated to cost more than $2000, it is a necessary move.

Samsung competes with Apple

According to The Bell (the Korean site above), Samsung is planning to bring a replacement of the 3D face-scanning module to perfection. In order to do that, the company will have the iris scanner removed from Galaxy S10. This upgrade will bring Samsung in a direct competition with Apple’s Face ID.

Currently, Israeli firm Mantis is helping Samsung achieve this goal, and the site states that this feature is about to be mass produced as soon as it is ready. In case something goes wrong, Samsung will keep the iris scanner for this model and maybe implement the 3D face-scanning module to a next model, Samsung Galaxy S11.



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