Samsung’s next Galaxy Fold will be accessible across the globe

Earlier this month, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold entered select few markets. The foldable smartphone revolutionary as mentioned on the official page, ‘Today the future unfolds with Galaxy Fold’.

After facing some backlash in the initial stages, the Galaxy Fold made a comeback with a bang! Currently, the smartphone is available only in select countries. The phone is clearly for the classes and not the masses as it is highly-priced being the first phone of its kind.

Although, Samsung has already announced that there will be the next Galaxy Fold in the markets soon. The next Galaxy Fold is aimed to reach more people and more places, and so it will be available across the world. The pricing for the next Galaxy Fold is expected to be set moderately which will make it more affordable.

Galaxy Fold

As per sources, the new Galaxy Fold will hit the markets of China, North America, and South Korea as well. Samsung has managed to establish that foldable smartphones are no more a device from the future. The sales of Galaxy Fold will help Samsung determine the interests of the audience in this phone that aims to ‘change the shape of tomorrow.’

Galaxy Fold has an outstanding 512 GB internal storage which highly affected the pricing factor. The next Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, has an internal storage of 256 GB i.e. half the internal storage space provided by the original model. The lesser storage space will keep the pricing low for the new model. Low cost means larger number of buyers.

The new phone for the new generation

The current Galaxy Fold model has a dual-screen, dual battery, multiple camera variations along with several other high-end features. It is available in two colors, Cosmos Black and Silver Space, contrary to the four colour options mentioned earlier.

Samsung has created a breakthrough for its next launch and the market response to the Galaxy Fold proves that the demand for the next Galaxy Fold will be higher than before. It will be exhilarating to see the new features that Samsung brings in the upcoming model.

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