Samsung’s New Tablet Identified by SM-P610 and SM-P615 May Feature an S-Pen

Samsung’s New Tablet Identified by SM-P610 and SM-P615 May Feature an S-Pen

The tablet market is quite limited at this point but Samsung and Apple are the best options out there. The company is planning to make things even better for those ardent tablet lovers by making it more productive. The dream will be achieved with the help of an S-Pen if rumors are to be believed.

Samsung is working on a new tablet at this point and it is identified by the model numbers SM-P610, SM-P615. While we don’t have clear information on how these models differ from one another, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify that it will probably be the LTE variant of the same product. Based on the information we have received so far, the brand is working on a Galaxy Note 10 Lite much to the delight of users who love to own the bigger phone but with a more affordable price tag.

Making the Tablet Productive with S-Pen

The actual tablet which will support the S-Pen has no specific launch date and it might even be launched towards the mid or end of 2020. The release date is purely based on how far Samsung is already into production on this new product and they might also want to make sure their new launch doesn’t cannibalize the existing tablet lineup available in the market.

S Pen is not an entirely new concept for the company though, because the Galaxy Tab A 2019 edition is already available that supports the touch pen. With the addition of S-Pen, you can comfortably create snippets, mark on images and do a lot more. People who really love drawing or into other leisure activities can also make use of the large screen display.

In terms of specifications, the Galaxy Tab A was powered by an Exynos 7904 with 3GB of RAM and 4,200mAh battery. The specifications are surely not to impress power users but with the addition of the S-Pen, you will still be able to get lots more done using the additional accessory. The Apple iPad has the Apple Pencil and it is no wonder Samsung is going the same route.

There is very little known about the upcoming tablet models with the numbers SM-P610, SM-P615 but we do know that they will have at least 64GB of storage space and a larger variant will provide 128GB of storage space. The launch should help Samsung have more options available for buyers who love to have an Android tablet.

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