Samsung’s Foldable Phone may not be as Durable as the other Flagships

The foldable phone expected from Samsung, the Galaxy X, will mark the next step in evolving the smartphone market, being a technological breakthrough year in the making. However, from what we gathered it seems that it would make a slight step backwards when it comes to its durability.

The latest reports told us that Galaxy X, the long-awaited project from Samsung, could arrive without a Corning Gorilla Glass, the material used to protect the displays of the other Samsung flagships and of the majority of high-end smartphones. ET News, the site coming from Samsung’s homeland of South Korea, recently reported through SamMobile that Gorilla Glass will probably be absent from developing the Galaxy X and that is because of its rigid nature.

This isn’t exactly a surprise for us because, after all, it represents a technology based on absorbing shock and focuses mainly on the ability of strength. So, it comes naturally that Samsung should opt for something more flexible. The South Korean tech giant is looking to make Galaxy X the first smartphone able of being folded in half, so it reached the Sumitomo Chemical of Japan because it is planning to use the Japanese transparent polymer which would allow the phone to exist.

Of course, the device would become susceptible to spills and bumps but, at the same time, it would enable Samsung’s long-lasting plans to finally emerge into the light of reality. Despite the number of years for which the Galaxy X has been in the works, we can’t say that we know that much about the device. Previous suggestions from Samsung spoke about the phone being announced on the 7th of November, during the Samsung Developers Conference which will take place in San Francisco, California.

  1. J. Koh, the CEO of Samsung Mobile, revealed to the press and to the users that we are going to be able to access as much as possible of the key functionality while the device is in its folded state. During an interview which he took with CNBC just last month, Koh stated that users will fold out the device in its tablet form when they will desire to see something in greater detail.

Beyond these characteristics of the phone, while it is folded or in its tablet form, Koh said that we should expect something more than that. He clearly stated that the foldable smartphone will come with a certain message which will be found meaningful by potential customers. He was quoted saying that “But even unfolded, what kind of benefit does that give compared to the tablet? If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would they buy it? So when the end customer uses it, (they think) ‘wow, this is the reason Samsung made it”.

Previously, we had reports which suggested that Samsung will launch this device sometime early next year. However, Koh stated that Samsung desires to be the first company to launch such a device and this was happening as reports gathered about Samsung’s Chinese rivals looking to beat it to market. That’s why we don’t have to be so surprised that the company decided to unveil the product in these upcoming months. So far, we don’t have a confirmed date of release but Koh didn’t confirm nor deny that the device might be unveiled during the Samsung Developers Conference, which we briefly mentioned before.

At the beginning of September, we saw news outlets speaking about a Samsung patent filling which depicted the foldable mobile computing device. The phone appeared to be sized like a regular smartphone, however, it can be folded out to have keyboard extensions on either side. This makes it some sort of a hybrid between an elongated tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard.

Another image showed its bending capabilities, the device being able to bend over into a quarter of a circle or even a semi-circle which could be worn around someone’s wrist. Samsung has a huge number of patents which are related to foldable technology, so we are still guessing about how the Samsung X might look like and what features would be included in its design.

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