Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Good News and Bad News

Samsung’s Foldable Phone: Good News and Bad News

Starting with the good news, Samsung Galaxy X will debut in November, but on the other hand, it will no be available for purchase in time for the holidays.

According to the information provided to the Korea Herald, the unfordable phone will only be unveiled in, and the official release will either be in January at CES or in February at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung and its foldable phone

Samsung will be the host of the Samsung Developers Conference two months from now, and there will be unveiled the Galaxy X. Actually, this is not like their previous event Unpacked where they released devices, but it is just a meeting so they would disgust plans in the pipeline and new strategies for the company.

Samsung’s event will take place at Moscone West in San Francisco, California on the 7th of November.

Rumors about the Galaxy X has been circling the internet for years, and the hinge they predicted will not happen, according to the mobile chief of Samsung. Further details are still unknown but what we know is that the device will be completely foldable.

Behind Samsung’s doors, the Galaxy X is being referred to as Winner, according to Korea Herald. The device will be equipped with three OLED panels measuring 3.5 inches each, and they will offer a unique visual experience together. For further details on the name and price, we put together a list of rumors.

According to the Korea Herald’s industry source, Samsung’s Developer Conference will offer the best moment for the Galaxy Home speaker to be unveiled as well. Even though there is no much information about this device on the internet, the South Korean tech giant promises to beat Apple HomePod and other such gadgets.

Based on the report, it seems so likely that Samsung will be more specific in details regarding both devices during its developers’ conference.

Rumors: design, name, and display

There are indeed two versions of the foldable phone’s name and depending on which site you go to they will either tell you that it is called the Galaxy F or Galaxy X. At least there are only two possibilities to guess from. This phone has crossed Samsung’s mind many times this year, and rumors sites are trying to figure out how the phone will fold, out or in, what will be its use and size, and obviously make people want to buy it.

As the company is closer and closer to unveiling this phone, let’s see what might happen to it and what the internet speculates about.

The price of Galaxy X is not known yet, but what is sure is that it will cost more than you mainstream Galaxy S. Golden Bridge Investment’s head of research informed Korea times that the phone might come with the price of $1,841 or at least that is what translates from “ the phone could run 2 million won”. Since Galaxy Note 8 arrived at the cost of $929, expect Galaxy X or F to be more than two times more expensive and with prices varying from region to region.

The phone’s design concept has been talked about since 2016 when the company said they would want to return to the origins and make a foldable phone. What we know is that the hinge planned there would not happen anymore.

Regarding its size, ETNews says that Galaxy X will be equipped with an OLED screen measuring 7.3 inches while unfolded. You will be able to use the phone just like a book, and it will only need to be unfolded for certain tasks. In the rest of the time, the phone will measure 4.6 inches.



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