Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy – Newest Leaks and Secrets

Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy – Newest Leaks and Secrets

According to South Korea’s ETNews, we might have some information regarding the future foldable Galaxy from Samsung. Based on their industry sources, the report estimates that this device will be equipped with an OLED panel measuring 7.3 inches when fully extended. The access of the phone will be vertical which means that it looks just like a little book.

SamMobile was the first to spot this report, and they suggest that the foldable Galaxy will not need to e unfolded al the time. You will need to use it like that only when the things you do require more space. While that is not happening, you will be left with a flexible OLED equipped phone which measures 4.6 inches.

Samsung Foldable Galaxy

Numerous reports about the screen size of this awaited gadget have been popping all over the place since it was announced. The phone might be named Galaxy X, and some other rumors suggest that when unfolded the phone will measure 8 inches. However, most reports are thinking straight so we kind of know what to expect.

The size of 7.3 inches it more believable than what the other reports are talking about but we will see for sure everything about this phone when it will be unveiled. DJ Koh, the chief of Samsung, said that the South Korean tech giant might surprise us and unveil their gadget at the end of this year during their developer conference on the 7th of October?

The World Intellectual Property Organization awarded a new patent from Samsung, and it might give us a hint on what tricks the South Korean tech giant will use for its awaited and soon to be unveiled the foldable Galaxy phone.

The patent explains how and the electrically activated locking mechanism is able to solidify the flexible display’s physical state. Does not it sound Sci-fi?

A solid frame will be attached to the flexible display, and it will be held in place. The area of the display remains in position when folded due to the mechanical actuators that can keep the phone shut. When the phone is opened by the user, the mechanism will be automatically unlocked until it will be in the unfolded shape.

When the phone is in that position, it will lock the mechanism again after detecting its state, and the display will be turned into a flat surface that remains solid and stable for usage. That means that users will be allowed to unfold the screen and use it without ever thinking that their phone might fall apart.

This technology, according to the diagrams in the patent, will work like a bock with two panels configuration. However, another patent diagram and some rumors said that the device might end up being a triptych.

As we said, there is not so much to wait until 7th of November when the foldable Galaxy is supposed to be unveiled at Samsung’s Developer Conference. Or at least this is what rumors say about this device measuring 7.3 inches while unfolded. Even if it will be unveiled soon, it does not mean that it will be available for purchase as well.

Their goal might only be to give developers a hand so they will know how to develop their apps based on the unique design on the phone as apps will need to be modified as well to fit the phone. You might be able to buy this phone in 2019, but limited markets might get it starting a few days after its unveiling.

However it is, the technology will finally bring as a foldable phone, and it seems super great.

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