Samsung Woos Developers at its SDC19; Bixby and One UI 2.0 Dominate Proceedings


Samsung’s Developer Conference (SDC) in San Jose saw the South Korean company laying the red carpet down for the developer community to use its platform. Samsung claims the number of developers using the Bixby ecosystem for their work has doubled in just the last six months alone after the Bixby Marketplace was launched. The company says it has made several modifications to its Bixby Developer Studio by introducing pre-formatted templates for the developers to work on. The new work being done by the developers can go beyond just the mobile phone apps to include multiple devices like televisions, refrigerators and smartwatches.

New User Interface Based on the Android 10 OS

Samsung used the SDC19 to showcase some of the unique features it has included in the latest One UI 2.0 software. The user interface has been built on the latest Android 10 OS and can now be seamlessly applied to the regular smartphones, foldable devices and even to wearables. The company claims the new OS is quite decluttered while the One UI 2.0 presents a much-improved interface for the users of the devices that support this UI.

The SDC platform was used to delve on the form factor for future foldable devices. There have been reports of the vertically foldable model with a clamshell design that was demonstrated through a video at the conference.

Samsung shared with the developers that it is working on the next level in TV viewing through its 8K technology. AI ScaleNet is one of the technologies that will help in making 8K a reality. The objective is to deliver high-quality video streaming even at lower bandwidths.

Tizen TV OS is another area where Samsung is inviting the developers to come and develop new applications. The company says that there are 100 million televisions already in the market using the Tizen TV OS and there are tools that allow the developers to directly load their work on the televisions to see how it works. There are more advanced tools that developers can use to edit their work; all these are aimed at cutting down on the time taken for developing applications for various devices on Samsung’s technology platform.

In summation, the Samsung Developers Conference 2019 was all about the company desirous of bringing more and more developers on board and creating a strong community that can match some of the other key players like Google and Apple. How far the South Korean company succeeds in this will be known in the future.

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