Samsung will Release Huawei Mate X-styled Foldable Smartphone

Samsung will Release Huawei Mate X-styled Foldable Smartphone

The Korean giant Samsung Electronic is making plans to launch a wide array of next-gen foldable smartphones. The new foldable smartphone will not follow the same suit as the already failed Samsung Galaxy Fold. Instead, it drives massive inspiration from Huawei Mate X.

The report comes from the sources which are familiar with the new development. The sources also said that the smartphone might release ahead of Huawei Technologies’ foldable phone Mate X. Neither did Samsung nor have the sources revealed the date of launch. Samsung’s new foldable smartphone will release much before Huawei Mate X. The company has already begun producing the foldable smartphone, which has an outward folding option.

Huawei Vs. The US

Vincent Pang, the president of Huawei in Western Europe, said that the company would begin selling out the folding devices in September. Previously, Huawei had planned to launch the smartphone during the summer. The reason why Huawei has delayed the release of the product is that the communication giant is trying to incorporate the next-gen 5G technology in the smartphone.

Huawei Mate X 5G Technology

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China would play a significant role in Huawei selling smartphones. Since the US government has put Huawei in the Entity List, the company is facing a hard time in hiring the suppliers to aid in the production of its devices.

Huawei Mate X is still the fan-favorite foldable smartphone to date. The fans prefer the outward folding of the Mate X.

Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Fold

Currently, foldable phones are the most anticipated devices in the smartphone industry other than the 5G enabled smartphone. In 2018, Samsung already produced and curated the first version of the out-folding phone. And now the company wants to invest its time and resources to develop different variants of foldable phones which would sport both outward and inward folding.

Huawei Mate X

The forthcoming foldable smartphones are regarded to be the secret weapon of the company. It is expected that the foldable phones will provide a whole new user experience that has never been seen before by any other smartphone type. Experts have been saying that once people begin using foldable smartphones, they would not prefer using conventional smartphones.

Samsung is planning to kill the anticipation that Huawei Mate X has created in the past few months. The Korean tech giant might ditch the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Foldable’s design and move on to the outward foldable which Mate X flaunts.

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