Samsung will Release 12GB RAM Phones in the Mid-Range Segment Too

Samsung will Release 12GB RAM Phones in the Mid-Range Segment Too

Samsung Electronics has hit upon a new technology through internal research which will make it possible for smartphones below the premium segments to sport RAMs higher than 10GB. A majority of smartphones in the market have stuck to the highest RAM level of 8GB. The technical terminology Samsung uses for this component is 12-gigabyte (GB) low-power double data rate 4X (LPDDR4X) UFS-based multichip package (uMCP). It’s a 12GB DDR4 RAM and this latest official announcement has come directly from the South Korean company’s San Jose based headquarters of its Device Solutions.

Opens up the Opportunity to Lower-end Smartphones

The significance of this development is that the company has made it very clear that it will make 12GB RAM available to smartphone makers not just for their premium offerings but for the devices ranked lower than the premium ones too. Samsung says it is able to do this since it has 24GB LPDDR4X chips already and can leverage the technology to manufacture and sell the 12GB RAM in bulk quantities to the smartphone makers. The commercial production of these components has already commenced.

Samsung 12GB RAM

The Technological Capability Explained

In a blogpost on the Newsroom page of the company’s global website, Samsung has explained the technology behind how it is able to offer these high-powered memory components for mobile applications. It says that having developed the 24Gb LPDDR4X chips, it is able to combine four of these chips and the eUFS 3.0 NAND storage into a single package. This gives the new memory component random access memory capacity of 10GB and more. This is precisely how Samsung expects to help the smartphone makers cross the 8GB RAM threshold they are currently struck with.

The details of how much the 12GB RAM from Samsung will cost compared to the lower-powered RAMs being used on smartphones and how it will impact the overall pricing of the phones may be known later. If the RAM is higher and if some of the companies like Xiaomi and Huawei use their own processors, you may even witness a revolution in the industry. You may see more smartphone models challenging the domination at the premium levels by the top players. It may even lead to a level playing field.

The customer will be the ultimate beneficiary when affordable phones with the best specifications and features in town hit the markets.

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