Samsung to Launch Samsung Galaxy Fold on 27th September

A lot of people have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Samsung phone, namely the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The company has already delayed its launch once from its originally planned April launch date. Recently, Samsung has announced that the new smartphone Galaxy Fold will be launched on 27th September in the US. Some of the units planned for the April launch had an issue with their displays and so the company had to delay the launch.  Samsung has since worked on the folding display and has enhanced its design and is now ready to launch the phone to the public.

Samsung Galaxy Fold as the name suggests is a foldable phone with hinges to protect the screen and display. It will feature an infinity flex display along with a multitude of features like in-built blue light filters and display adjusted for eye comfort. The strain on the eyes due to harmful rays will be brought down due to the blue light filters. The display will be an AMOLED display with a HDR 10+ color mapping. This will result in an excellent and dynamic tone mapping. The images are expected to be super sharp and clear using this technology.

Galaxy Fold

Samsung has made some improvements to its design after it delayed its launch in April. The hinges in the fold have caps attached to them to protect the foldable screen. More metal layers seem to have been added to the phone to protect the display and the screen. After all these improvements, the phone is finally ready to be launched in the market. It is expected to be launched at a cost of $1,980. T-Mobile, which usually has a tie-up with most of the smartphone companies, will not be selling this model. The mobile will be available at all the Samsung outlets, as well as the Best Buy stores as unlocked versions.

People looking to buy the smartphone at an AT&T store need not worry as the phone will also be available at these outlets. The smartphone comes with a pair of Galaxy Buds ear buds, which are wireless and a customized aramid fiber case. A special Fold Concierge will also be set up to help new customers switch data from their old phones to the new phone. This will be set up under the new Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Premier Service plan, which will be available to all customers purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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