Samsung to Confirm the ‘Unpacked’ Launch Event: What’s Next?

This piece of news is everywhere on the internet. Samsung’s Unpacked event will happen soon, on the 9th of August, to be exact. Everyone is so excited! Some people believe that this event is made specifically for the company to release Galaxy Note 9. But this is not what the early launch has in plan for us.

Firstly, this Unpacked event comes from Samsung weeks earlier than in the last years. This actually gives some gains for the Galaxy Note 9, because it will come into an advantage when it comes to all the Android devices that were announced to be launched in Berlin, at IFA. IFA will start on the 31st of August. Don’t get us started on iPhone X Plus, that’s going to be released in September.

More details about the plan

We think this is a very good plan, the one from Samsung’s part. They’re going to take advantage of the extra sales that are going to happen in these few weeks, sales that will allow Samsung to bring the launch of Galaxy S10 into the discussion, at a very early stage in the financial year. The anticipation is that the new device will make its appearance at CES 2019, in January, in Las Vegas. Which means that the Galaxy S10 device will hit the market eight weeks ahead of schedule. This is a big change in comparison with what happened in the previous years.

Why did they decide on this plan?

There is, however, a question that keeps burning our minds. Why does Samsung want to hasten the schedule? There are a few answers out there, and the most popular one is the next one: they want to make a gap in the market, in preparing for the next innovative smartphone, that was temporarily called Galaxy X. It’s actually logic. If they use the attention of the clients at CES for the release of the Galaxy S10, then the Mobile World Congress from February will be even more used into their advantage, with two reasons: to give an extra boast to the Galaxy S10 and to show the brand-new innovative device called Galaxy X.

We can say that this plan is brilliant. They thought about the early launch of the Galaxy Note 9 and how it’s going to be famous in the 2018 sales, and they also thought about the early launch of the Galaxy S10, that’s possibly going to lead the handset through Q1 2019. Then, they thought about revealing the Galaxy X. That’s three handset series in one year, instead of two, as it usually happened.

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