Samsung Software Comes with Delays for Galaxy S8

Wrapped in a beautiful, elegant glass and aluminum design with an AMOLED display, the Samsung device made its way to the top while balancing the price and the quality of their product and its worth every penny. The phone has also waterproofing and a camera with amazing focus abilities. It’s no doubt that the Samsung company has the greatest phones ever created. But as the time passes by, it’s quickly losing ground.

HTC’s Sense software turned what we thought it was a nerd’s playground, Android into a professional OS. Motorola created hands free intelligence, always listening microphones, screen-off notification and so on. Since then, Android has improve their features and climbed high up on the fame scale.

The HTC U11 or Google Pixel are so instantaneously responsive, unlike the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

It’s not about the amount of the applications and services added on your device, it’s about their optimization. For example, on an S8 are a bunch of services running with no actual purpose. They are just taking up valuable system resources, your RAM memory and most of all, they are using valuable CPU time and attention.

The Samsung DeX system has a software running on the Galaxy S8. There are even “Connect” and “Bixby” which are useless and lamentably broken services. You don’t need any of that. You don’t even need the themes services running on the S8 because if you decide to disable them, your phone will work just like it did before you’ve done that. If you used GearVR, you should know that the Oculus suite is already installed and still runs at all times even if you haven’t used your handset for days or weeks by now, or since a reboot.

They are easy to ignore, till the services start unneeded running tasks and this quickly becomes an issue we must face.

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