Samsung Should be Careful as Motorola Announces Razr, its Own Folding Phone

Samsung Should be Careful as Motorola Announces Razr, its Own Folding Phone

Samsung announced some time ago that it will be the first to release a folding phone. We don’t know exactly when Samsung Galaxy X will arrive but it may not be the best. Motorola recently teased its own foldable phone and if we listen to what they say, the Razr might blow our minds.

Samsung’s product

At first, the foldable Galaxy smartphone was rumored to be called the Galaxy X. New renders call it the Galaxy F and they seemingly resulted from deep diving into Samsung’s patents for its folding devices and then the conversion of various schematic designs into rendering gave them their shape.

What does Motorola plan to do?

There have been leaks that told us about Motorola’s plan of introducing a folding device of their own. The Razr has made the company legendary and they plan to reinvent the clamshell design that helped them in doing so.

Recently, a patent came on USPTO which clearly states what Motorola is planning and what is it working on. From what we gathered, it seems that the most exciting thing would be the display. Apparently, Motorola plans to make a giant screen that will be able of folding entirely over itself.

This would make it a clamshell phone which will fit ideally into our pockets because it will be small and portable. When you would need it, you could turn it into a giant screened device which we suppose it will be larger than anything available right now.

What do we hope for?

The TechConfigurations channel from Youtube has presented a concept video which shows what we should expect. Apparently, the new product will have a 7-inch QHD AMOLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and also, HDR10 support.

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