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Samsung Is Rumored to Get a Big Role in the iPhone 9 Production

Apple may hate Samsung for ripping off some of their design ideas, but it would seem that the tech company would have to work with its rival with the upcoming iPhone 9. If rumors are to be believed, Apple has to rely on Samsung to produce the chips needed to produce the high-powered iPhone 9, which is slated to be released in 2018.

According to the Korean publication The Investor, Samsung has purchased the advanced equipment needed to manufacture the 7-nanometer chips designed “solely for iPhone”. And the deal between the two rivals has reportedly been closed last June.

What some people may not know is that Samsung not only produces mobile phones but also mass-produces various electronic components, such as storage, batteries, processors, and screens. In fact, the company is the only manufacturer of the Snapdragon 835 chipset for Qualcomm, which is used by many flagship Android phones.

This is not the first time, however, that Apple used Samsung products in the iPhone. The RAM for the iPhone 7, for example, is supplied by Samsung. There are also rumors that they will be the sole supplier all OLED displays for the iPhone 8.

What would Samsung get in return?

A boost in their bottom line, which took a massive hit with the Note 7 recall. Even if the company does not strike big on the sale of mobile devices, they can keep the boat from capsizing through chip manufacturing.

Apple and Samsung may not exactly be friends but they do need each other to succeed.

Besides, Apple will not be able to produce iPhones without relying on other vendors and Samsung isn’t the only company they will be working with for the upcoming iPhone 9. Now that the company has taken a multi-vendor vendor approach, they are expected to work with other companies, including those that they compete with in the mobile market.

What are other rumors swirling around next year’s iPhone?

According to the Korea Economic Daily, LG chemical is said to be the sole supplier of batteries for the Apple iPhone 9, which will be L-shaped and allows for a longer battery life and faster charging speed.

LG may be the supplier of the iPhone’s OLED screens, contrary to previous reports that claims Samsung will be Apple’s sole supplier for the said display. In an attempt to limit Samsung’s leverage, Apple is reportedly investing billions of dollars to support LG’s effort and to help them begin production. Whether or not this will be successful remains to be seen, considering that Samsung is currently the only company capable of designing and producing OLED displays.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will remain as the sole manufacturer and supplier of the A-series chips for the iPhone. Although there were rumors that Samsung electronics would return as a supplier of the said chips after being removed from Apple’s supply chain in 2016, updates reveal this may not be the case.

But because 2018 is still far away and many things can happen in between, it is best to stay updated to see which rumor has changed and the latest ones to come out, especially about the rumored iPhone 9 release date and specs.

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  1. Please stop the Samsung copies Apple bullshit. What did they really copy? Rounded corners?

    Look what Apple copied from Samsung

    1. OLED display
    2. Phablet size smartphones. First Apple mocked Samsung for the large screen. When they noticed that de Note was en big sucess Apple wanted a large screen version
    3. wireless charging. Samsung offers wireless charging so Apple wanted it
    4. smartwatch. Samsung had on so Apple wanted one
    5. IP68. Samsung smartphones had IP58 certification so Apple wanted it to
    6. Bezelless screen. Samsung is tremendous succesfull with the bezelless screen so Apple wants it too
    7. Split screen. Samsung offered it on the Note series so Apple wanted is too on their tablets.
    8. Facial scanner. Samsung offers it so Apple wants it too.

    What’s next to copy from Samsung? VR, wireless charging, retina scanner, inline fingerprint scanner, game mode, PRO mode camera, RAW image format, Bluetooth 5, Allways on Display, curved screen, Dual Pixel tech for blazing fast autofocus, wide angle front facing camera, auto focus on all camera lenzes, a REAL AI client instead of Siri that’s NOT real AI, HDR, expandable memory, 360 camera, themes, File manager, Ultra Power Saving mode, easy mode, private mode, secure folder, blood oxygene sensor, blue light filter?????

    Without 2 Apple was lost en nobody would know the brand anymore.

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