Samsung Rides on Robust Galaxy Note 10 Sales to Post Impressive Results

It is not as if Apple alone found its iPhones selling more than it had anticipated this year. Samsung is realizing that its Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has sold more units than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 did after its launch last year. The Galaxy Note series and S series phones are flagships for the company and with their premium positioning and pricing, they add a lot of weight to the company’s overall performance. Sharing the third quarter performance figures, Samsung claims the profit made by the mobile division in Q3 (July-Sep) of 2019, of $2.5 billion, is 32% higher than the profit for the same quarter of 2018. There are other interesting takeaways as well, for the quarter ending September 2019.

More Devices Launched This Year

Samsung lined up a lot more models this year compared to the previous years, culminating with the 5G phones and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The company had announced at the beginning of the year itself that it would be launching nine models in the A-series, A10 to A90 during the year. Most of these have been released already and have added to the top line, in terms of revenue and volumes sold. They seem to have contributed to the bottom line as well since sources claim these A series phones are quite cost-effective. Samsung doesn’t share the breakup of model-wise sales and profits; so, you will never know which model made more money and so on.

First Quarter of 2020 Will Again be Busy

There are different views when it comes to how the market operates in different months of the calendar year. A company like Apple may feel it gets the best business in the 4th quarter with its new iPhones released towards the end of the third quarter and the pre-season and Christmas shopping fervor catching up in the subsequent months. Samsung, however, sees the 4th quarter as a quieter period compared to the third and expects action to begin only in the New Year. The company has its hands full working on the Samsung Galaxy S series devices to be released in February 2020. The company has now promised more devices in the foldable smartphone category and 5G enabled smartphones.

The reasons are not far to seek. China is racing ahead with the 5G connectivity spread and the three service providers in China have made huge pre-bookings for the service. The handset industry has to service this massive requirement. Other markets, including the US, will also see an expansion in the 5G network.

On the foldable device, there is a possibility the company may tinker with the form factor and launch a clamshell-shaped foldable phone next.

Samsung promises an even more exciting 2020.

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