Samsung Plans to Release a Tablet and a Smartwatch Ahead of Galaxy Note 10 Launch

If you were expecting the Galaxy Unpacked event of August 7 to be crowded with new Samsung products, Samsung has scuttled all that by making announcements of two more launches before the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Today, July 31, the company is launching a tablet which could be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. On August 5, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be unveiled. These two products are being launched directly from the company’s website.

Teaser Video Showing Tablet with S Pen

The short video that runs for around 20 seconds has darkened shots of a tablet and a watch with the images appearing and fading at a fast pace. The tablet featured in the teaser video can only be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 which has been rumored to be around the corner. Some of the features that can be noticed from the video include a dual-camera setup on the rear and the provision to attach the S Pen to the side of the tablet. This is definitely an improvement and lets the users keep the tablet flat on the surface. There is still a lot to be revealed about this tablet, like which processor would be fitted (rumors indicate it might be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC). Some have suggested the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will come with an under-display fingerprint display.

Most of these doubts will be cleared within a few hours since the launch of this tablet is slated for today, July 31.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 to be Launched on August 5

Just 2 days prior to the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York to release the flagships the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, including their 5G versions, Samsung would be unveiling the smartwatch. Here, there is no confusion since the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has already been discussed and analyzed online over the past few weeks. Being a teaser, there’s a limit to what can be displayed. There is one brief glimpse of the heart rate sensor on the watch blinking the green light. That may be just to add glamor to the promo video since it has already been made public that the EKG feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 won’t be made active on the device till 2020. That is when the company expects to receive approval from the USFDA.

The date of release of the watch as flashed on the video as it ends is August 5.

These mean that the event on August 7 will focus exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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