Samsung Plans to Bring a 5-camera Smartphone on the Market

Samsung Plans to Bring a 5-camera Smartphone on the Market

Everybody is excited for the Samsung Galaxy S10 that will debut next year, so many rumors are here to get us even more hyped about this device. What we know so far is that its main shooter will be equipped with three lenses and the fourth camera would be the front one. As Samsung will release not two phones but three, one of them will surely have another lens in case that report is accurate.

Samsung’s introduction

Another rumor says that Samsung might release a trio of Galaxy S10, not a duo. The trio would include a regular Galaxy S10, a premium Galaxy S10 and also a lower end Galaxy S10 model or budget one. Some further information we have got on these phones is that they will feature in-display fingerprint sensors, even though we already got used to that. At least more cameras are planned to get on these phones. A report coming all the way from South Korea suggest that the premium version of the Galaxy S10 as we called earlier will feature 5 cameras, two in the front and three in the back.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 trio

Even though Samsung launched its outstanding and improved Galaxy Note 9 with a massive battery and new design refinements, most Samsung fans are waiting for the Galaxy S10 to be released and they have their reasons well defined.

If you are part of this fan category, then you are already thinking about which “Beyond” variant will be the most satisfying for your needs. Since nine years ago when the first Samsung Galaxy S phone was released, no other year hosted a release of three such devices which will be available for purchase at the beginning of 2019. The smartphones have certain factors that help you differentiate between them, and the screen size is not the easiest one.

Samsung had condemned two of the members of this trio Beyond 1 and Beyond 0. They will both have a display measuring 5.8 inches, and both are named Samsung Galaxy S10. Confusing, right? As Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 did when they were released, you, as a user, will have the possibility to choose between dual or single rear cameras.

The Beyond 0 is the entry-level or how we like to call it, the budget phone which will have a flat display while Beyond 2 and Beyond 1 will get that modern curved look. Their size might grow to around 6.2 inches if the South Korean tech giant, Samsung will follow Huawei P20 Pro’s example and mount triple-lens.

Unfortunately, it is not crystal clear whether Samsung will introduce the 3D facial recognition technology or if they will stick with the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The LG V40

The next LG V40 might also feature this exciting number of cameras, but Samsung will be the first to own it. The extra selfie lens will be the differentiative factor between Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10.

As Microsoft will host its Surface event on 2nd of October, 9th of October is Google’s Pixel day when it will reveal some Pixelbooks, the new Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 20 Pro will be introduced to us on 16th of October, ad the new LG to the list and October can officially be called the month of releases.

You might already know what LG V40 ThinQ will offer you and that it will be released in October, but everybody is still unsure of the date. Based on manufacturer confirmation, 3rd of October will be the date when the LG V40 featuring triple lens will hit the market. In New York City a global press event will take place and another one in Seoul on the 4th of October.

LG V40, as its teaser video shows, will be equipped with a wide-angle lens camera, a normal one and another one which has the specific goal to zoom.

The setup, according to rumors, will have these specs: 16MP f/1.9 wide-angle lens with 1-micron pixels+12MP f/1.5 lens with 1.4-micron pixels+12MP f/2.4 2x optical zoom lens with 1-micron pixels. Besides that, users will also get a 5MP+8MP dual shooter in the front.



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