Samsung Plans for a Under Display Front Camera; Galaxy Fold 2 Could be the First Device

Samsung Electronics keeps working on new technologies and it has created many subsidiaries and research establishments to implement them. The latest discussion online is about the plans the South Korean company is having of introducing a smartphone with a display that has no holes in it. The only two ways for this to happen is to either have a popup mechanism for the front camera or to fix the front camera beneath the display panel. While the first option has already been attempted by some Chinese phone makers, Samsung is keen on the second option. The speculation is that Samsung may try having this under-display camera (UDC) arrangement in the second foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to be launched in the first quarter of 2020. There is still some doubt if the technology would be ready by then.

Corrections Needed for the Light to Enter the Lens

When the front camera is fitted beneath the front display screen, it should be able to focus clearly on the object to be clicked. The fundamentals of photography as a science dictate that the exposure of the camera has to be just the right level. Extra light can spoil the photo and inadequate light exposure could lead to the image being blurred out. Hole-In-Active-Area (HIAA) is the technology that Samsung will use to correct this situation. There is the issue of the polyimide material used in the panel imparting a yellowish tinge to the photo clicked. These issues can be tackled only through the development of algorithms to tackle the blurring issue. The yellowing issue is taken care of by a transparent substrate added in the system.

Numbers Determine the Model to Introduce the Hole-Free Display

Though technically new technology of UDC in the front display can be implemented, the company has to take into account the number of panels that could be manufactured. The capacity is still limited. The South Korean company would, therefore, choose the foldable device to include the new feature. The number of phones made and sold in the foldable design is quite limited and it suits Samsung to adopt the new UDC technology on this phone. The South Korean company already has a policy where many first-time ideas are tested out on the non-flagship series phones. The S series phones are premium devices and the company wouldn’t tinker with its features. The Samsung Galaxy S11 phones will continue to have a hole or a notch on the screen for the front camera.

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