Samsung Patents Smartphone Design with Slide-Out Display and Rotating Camera

Samsung has been working on Slide-Out displays for a while, and we have seen rumors and leaks regarding screens that could be extended by rolling them out. The manufacturer has now been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for such a slide-out display design.

The slide-out display enables a large extendable display to be included in a smartphone with an otherwise small form factor. The display design shown in the patent is also used to hide the notch and front cameras in a unique mechanism.

Slide Out Display Patent Filed by Samsung

The patent includes details about a 16:9 aspect ratio smartphone with a small form factor when in the normal state. The screen, however, can be rolled out to get an 18:9 aspect ratio larger display.

Earlier patents from Samsung in the foldable display segment included a smartphone whose body would extend with the display, but this patent showcases just the display being stretched out from the bottom of the device.

According to the patent, the slide-out display is being used to hide the notch and earpiece on the device. The screen would conceal the notch when unrolled which will give an immersive experience for watching videos or playing games. To use the camera or the earpiece, the display will have to be folded out which will reveal the notch.

samsung patent

The patent images show that the notch and earpiece are hidden beneath the display under the back panel when the screen is in the unrolled state. In case there is an incoming call or the user wants to use the front camera, the display will be stretched to reveal the front camera sensor and the earpiece to the user. The mechanism may be automatic but the patents don’t mention if it will be an automated mechanism or a manual one.

Due to the fragile nature of flexible screens, as we have seen in the Galaxy Fold, the display will be protected under the back panel by covering the sides of the screen when it will be in the rolled state.

Overcoming Screen Boundaries

Smartphone manufacturers nowadays are in a race to maximize the screen real estate and minimizing the form factor of smartphones at the same time. Currently, it is being done by manufacturing bezel-less displays and placing the front camera in a notch or a pop-up mechanism, which allows us to get close to a hundred percent screen to body ratio.

Samsung is thinking one step ahead of the competition by developing slide-out displays that can be used whenever more screen size is needed. However, we don’t know if Samsung is going to release a device with this mechanism anytime soon.

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