Samsung Officially Acknowledged that Flexible Screens will be Available Next Year

The giant tech company has published the report for the Q3 of 2018 and it managed to reach a new quarterly record.

A major surprise is the fact that the company registered the biggest gains from selling OLED displays and memory components. While the Samsung claimed that smart devices performed well according to sale number no names were mentioned but analysts believe that the Samsung S9 and Note 9 are the devices that performed the best.

What gained a lot of attention is the fact that Samsung also mentions the general expectations for the final quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 and here Samsung confirms that it’s working on 5G terminals and foldable phones.

According to the report, the company reached KRW 65.46 trillion (or $57.45 billion) when it comes to consolidated revenue, which marks a 5.5% plus when compared to the previous year. Operating profit has also dramatically increased as the company gained KRW 17.57 trillion ($15.42 billion), an impressive 20.9% increase.

The revenue was driven up by sales of memory products and OLED panels, but Samsung believes that memory sales may slow down in the next quarter. OLED sales will remain strong as more on more manufacturers opt for Samsung’s solution, most notably Apple for the panels used on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Smartphone sales should raise during Q4 due to holiday sales and special promotions, but the net profit will be affected by the rising costs of marketing campaigns. They should become a strong gainer next year as the company anticipates the release of foldable devices and 5G smartphones.

The company aims to focus on the premium market, by unleashing a series of smartphones that will make use of the bleeding edge technology that is currently available as it plans to improve the entire Galaxy line. The addition of foldable and 5G capable devices will consolidate the revenue during the Q2 and Q3 of 2019 while also maintain the company competitive on the smartphone market.

Samsung Flexible Screens

As of now, the most anticipated news is the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy F, a foldable smartphone that has been teased since 2014. The device remains shrouded in mystery since Samsung continually changed the device as years passed and it seems that it may have finally developed a commercially-viable device.

5G support is expected on the Galaxy S10 but it seems that select Samsung devices may offer the standard earlier. It may even come with the Galaxy F but there is no concrete proof at this point. The foldable phone could be formally announced next week during the Samsung Developer Conference 2019.

Some analysts believe that Samsung will stay true to the first concept shown in 2014, which showed a larger display that could be folded and revealed a smaller quick-access display on one of its side. The recent registration of an ‘’Infinity-V’’ trademark hints that the ‘’Infinity’’ displays have been revamped and improved, which could also lead to the first truly bezel-less smartphone.

Samsung also wants to consolidate its position as a preferred OLED manufacturer, as it pushes the adaption of the titular displays for automotive and IT display, which should dramatically increase sale and revenue numbers if the move is successful.

The largest smartphone manufacturer in the world could score a major hit against competitors if the new devices are embraced by users and Samsung’s track record serves as proof that they know what they are doing. Like with any company it also made mistakes, particularly the Note 7 battery fiasco, but the company worked hard to learn and improve and the results can be clearly observed.

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