Samsung Now Offers a New Color Option for its Galaxy S10 and S10+ Smartphones in China

Galaxy S10

Samsung just made an announcement of its offering a new color variant for its Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones available in China. A Weibo post by Samsung China showed these smartphones in a blue color that translated as “Smoke blue, new color coming soon!”. However, the picture shown indicated that the smoke wave blue color appeared to be more of a morning fog shade. This will be the sixth color for these handsets that are available in the country. The existing colors are black, ceramic black, glass green, jade white and ceramic white.

Going by the past color offerings from the manufacturer, there are chances that the new color will be reflective and shiny like the prism blue counterpart available in most of the Western markets. Interestingly, it may be noted that this is not the first time that Samsung has introduced a new color for these two devices after the success of its initial sales.

Other Galaxy S10 Color Variants

For instance, a week ago, the tech giant added two new colors Cardinal Red and Diamond Silver to its S10 series in Switzerland and Hong Kong respectively. While the Cardinal Red color option is available for both the Galaxy S10 and S10+ devices, only the S10 is available in the Diamond Silver variant. Likewise, three days ago, the Vietnamese market witnessed the launch of a limited edition model of the Galaxy S10+ in Prism Silver color with yellow and pink tones.

Samsung has witnessed a tremendous sales response for its Galaxy S10 worldwide. In China alone, the manufacturer has managed to garner a whopping sales count of 500,000 units within two weeks of its launch. Hence, it is only quite likely that the introduction of a new color is to augment the sales weeks after the smartphone has been well-received in the market.

The first time Samsung tried this trick of increasing its sales with the introduction of a new color was with its Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 handsets. Apart from a new color, the Korean giant has not made any change to the other features and/or specifications of the S10 and S10+ handsets. Similarly, with China all set to roll out 5G networks in the very near future, it can only be expected that the manufacturer’s Galaxy S10 5G will also make its launch in the country very soon.

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