Samsung Might Have Missed the Chance to Give the Galaxy Note 10 a Better Display

Though the excitement around Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is building with the launch just a month away, there is an inside information emerging that the device could have been fitted with a better display. The tweet by Ice universe, a familiar figure with Samsung related leaks, claims the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will still sport the best display you could possibly get.

The Higher Refresh Rate Technology

At the center of this discussion is a display technology known as refresh rate. This is the rate or speed at which the display screen in a smartphone changes the screen’s display. The whole thing will happen in micro seconds and a person’s eyes cannot possibly detect it either. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz and a 90Hz refresh rate is considered as a good specification, just like the OnePlus 7 Pro. It is not as if this technology was invented recently. It has been around for some time.

Did Samsung Miss the Bus?

So, the immediate question is if OnePlus 7 Pro can do it, why not Samsung, with the Galaxy Note 10? This is where the tweet by Ice universe throws some light. According to the tweet, there was a proposal to include this display in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 but the think-tank within the South Korean giant somehow decided to give it a miss. Possibly, they may still go ahead and fit it on another model.

There are also heightened expectations over the Samsung Galaxy A90 which is expected to be released this July 31, even ahead of the August 7 launch of the Note 10. If you recall, Samsung had made this announcement early in the year that it has plans to bring out nine devices, A10 to A90, with the specifications getting better as the numbers progress from 10 to 90. The Samsung Galaxy A90 will be the best among these 9 models and it could be an attractive smartphone to own, with even the price being competitive. The rumor has it that it could be priced at $735.

Only Samsung will be able to tell the world how it takes these decisions.

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