Samsung Might Bring the First All-Screen Display

A new leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 revealed a real all-screen display, which is something that most users only dreamt about until now. Nonetheless, it was hard to understand how this type of screen could become a reality.

New information revealed that a new fingerprint reader could be the technology needed for an all-screen display. It appears that Samsung is preparing three different Galaxy S10 devices and they should be revealed around January 2019.

The Beyond Handsets

These mobile phones are codenamed as the Beyond handsets. The Beyond0 model should come with a side fingerprint reader, as well as dual cameras.  Meanwhile, Beyond1 and Beyond2 should come with screen fingerprints. Beyond1 will also come with dual cameras, while Beyond2 will bring three cameras.

All-screen Display

Having a side button fingerprint reader and an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader is revolutionary and it could change the way smartphones work. Removing the scanner from the screen makes the screen larger.

Nonetheless, the fingerprint scanner is not the only thing that takes space on the display. An all-screen display means that there should not be any bezels, front-facing cameras, microphone or sensors. According to some reports, Samsung might start using the vibrations of the screen glass as an earpiece speaker that can be used for calls.

Among the leaks, we found out about a new 3D sensing camera. Thanks to this the phone will receive iPhone X-style biometric scanning. Nonetheless, nothing was officially confirmed yet and we have to rely solely on leaks and reports.

A new video from DBSDesigning also presented the new Galaxy phone and it appears to confirm all the rumours that were presented until now. In the video we can see a handset with a speaker embedded into it, as well as an in-screen fingerprint reader, and a triple rear camera system, creating the all-screen display.

Triple Rear Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will also bring the triple lens camera. Samsung is not the first handset that brings that, as Huawei P20 Pro did it first. These cameras add depth sensing abilities which means that the upcoming mobile phone will have high-quality pictures.

It is very likely that we will receive a 40 MP main sensor, an 8 MP secondary sensor, as well as a 20 MP monochrome sensor. Apple is also supposed to bring the triple camera in the future.

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