Samsung Might Be Working on an Affordable Note Device

We heard recently that Samsung might combine its Galaxy S lineup and Note lineups into one. However, there is conflicting evidence, which claims that the Note Lineup may branch into the affordable category. There is a new model number SM-N770F, which was leaked recently.

How the speculation started

The model numbers starting with N are of the Note lineup, with all the Note devices having model numbers like SM-N9xx. The only smartphone in the Note series by Samsung that had a model number starting with N7 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which was an affordable version of the Note 3 released way back in 2014. Samsung might want to bring the Neo version of the Note series with the Galaxy Note 11 Neo.

Samsung galaxy note 10+

What leads us to believe that Samsung is working on an affordable Galaxy Note device is that it is also working on an affordable version of the Galaxy Fold, which is currently priced north of $2000. The affordable Galaxy Fold will have the model number SM-F700F while the model number for the original Galaxy fold is SM-F900F. The model number of the affordable Fold starts with F7 that is the same as the model number of the rumored Note.

Details about the Affordable Note Device

The affordable Note device will be one of the only affordable smartphones with a stylus. The S-pen can be quite handy at times like when editing screenshots or making changes to a work-related document. As the current Note devices are priced way above the affordable range, the new affordable Note device may fill the existing market gap.

The only detail about the new device available right now is that it has a 128GB storage variant, which is common to almost all smartphones in that range. Further details are awaited as up to this point; everything is just speculation based on a leaked model number.

The new affordable Note is undoubtedly going to impact Samsung’s sales in the affordable smartphone sector, which is currently being controlled by the likes of Samsung’s A70 and OnePlus 7 smartphones. The affordable phone market is huge in developing countries like India and almost every smartphone manufacturer is looking for ways to tap into the market.

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