Samsung May Use Top Notch in Their Future Phones, New Patent Spotted in China

Samsung follows Apple and may start using the top notch in their future phones if we are to go by the new patent filed in China. The company refrained from using the notch on all their phones including the newly launched Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagship models.

All major smartphone manufacturers are not happy with the fact that they couldn’t make their phones truly bezel-less. They still have to incorporate the front camera, sensors in the front and it requires some space. The companies are splitting into different types as they use small top notch, full thin bezel or go with a bottom chin. There’s even the Essential phone which has a small area reserved for the camera but the entire phone is bezel-free.

Moving from a Better Design to Adopt Notches

Samsung has been going great so far as the designers have used a slim bezel-less area which included the front camera and everything that need to be integrated into the front. A new patent filed in China by the brand, however, suggests an entirely different story. As with all patents, it has some rendered design of the proposed smartphone which will have a top notch to include the front speaker and maybe two front cameras according to the images.

Samsung Patent topnotch

Patent Design

According to the patent design images posted on the Chinese website, the screen to body ratio will be much higher. The Apple iPhone X did inspire a lot of designers including those at Samsung to use the notch but there is no bottom chin which makes it look much bigger. The back side of the phone reveals vertical dual cameras and their placement yet again takes design cues from Apple.

Samsung patent china

The design doesn’t reveal any fingerprint sensor in the back adding further to the speculation that Samsung may soon incorporate in-display fingerprint sensor in their future models. As this is a patent used by the company for proposed models and not an actual phone model, you should take all the information with a pinch of salt.

The top-notch may never make its way to Samsung phones if the company opines that it looks too much like Apple and spoils their originality. They may also choose to use the patent for specific devices that get launched in the future. If the development team provides an option to hide the notch like OnePlus 6 will do with a software update, it could appease most users.

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