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Samsung is the leader of the high-end TV market and its dominion in the U.S. is apparently growing bigger

According to a new report which has come out just recently, Samsung isn’t satisfied with its current status of being one of the most successful companies in the high-end TV market established in the United States. Instead, the tech company giant continues to innovate and progress which allows it to grow even bigger.

To straight things out, a big part of Samsung’s successful strategy consists of an extensive distribution network and also some pretty aggressive marketing. According to SamMobile, Samsung’s share of the United States’ premium TV market appeared to be 34 percent in August. This information comes after NPD released its latest data which also showed to us that LG is Samsung’s closest competitor, having a 15 percent market share, even after it launched a bunch of OLED TVs.

Sony and Vizio

After these two companies came Vizio and Sony and they appear to not be able of surpassing each other, being both stuck at 11 percent share. SamMobile continued to state that “Samsung performed particularly well in the $2,500 and above segment with 44 percent market share, up from 27 percent during the same period last year. Sony secured the second spot with 33 percent market share, while LG came in third with 23 percent. Samsung is estimated to have crossed the 50% mark in the month of September”.

The months ahead are already planned out for Samsung. The South Korean tech company looks to release some MicroLED TVs. However, if you look at the TV market containing devices that have a diagonal of at least 75 inches, you will see that Samsung holds an even stronger position. In this category alone, Samsung managed to exceed expectations and from an already big 43 percent market share last year it reached 57 percent this year; again, this comes straight from the NPD figures.

The next competitor in this niche of the market is Sony, who only has a 25 percent share, making it less than half of what Samsung has. SamMobile is saying that the strategy of the South Korean tech giant for its premium TVs seems to work incredibly well in the U.S. market and it seems that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Moving on to some other news that is somewhat related to what you have read already, Samsung has recently confirmed that it will release an 8K TV with an incredible size of 85 inches diagonally. Apparently, the price has also come out and you might want to sit down for this. When they took the stage in Berlin the people from Samsung revealed that this TV will have you digging deep in your pockets in order to find $15,000 because that’s its price tag.

It will not be released as a solo version because you will be able to choose from multiple size models, starting from 65 inches. However, we only heard the price of the biggest model. If you aren’t scared of that price tag, then you should know that Samsung already started to take in pre-orders for this model with 85 inches. SamMobile also wrote about the capabilities of this incredible TV: “The Samsung Q900R touts Real 8K Resolution and 4,000-bit peak brightness.

The TV can produce four times more pixels than a 4K UHD TV. 8K content isn’t really common so this is where Samsung’s AI comes in. Its proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology increases picture and sound quality ‘a level compatible with 8K’ therefore it does that regardless of the original source quality or format”.

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