Samsung is Reportedly Working on a High-End Tablet

The world of tablets no longer exists, and smartphones are waning off, according to statistical reports. The big brands are not giving up easily as Apple revealed the iPad Pro and newer models last year while Samsung is gearing up to support the high-end Android market with their own products.

If we are to go by the rumors available so far, probably a few tablets will get a new lease of life from Samsung, Apple and Google. People are no longer fascinated by the product but can enjoy movies, YouTube and lots of games, apps on a tablet, unlike any other laptop or smartphone. The recent leak suggests two different model numbers, SM-T860 and SM-T865, which are supposed to be high-end tablets that the company is working on.

samsung Tablet

The information was spotted by Galaxy Club and the confirmation is made because, throughout the years, Samsung’s S series premium tablets all use the SM-T format for their model numbers. Going by the same logic, the found model numbers are being speculated to be a complete refresh and bring the tablets into the mainstream market one more time with Android 9.0 operating system.

For a very long time, at least in the past four or five years, Android manufacturers never had the time to focus on actual tablets. The original Nexus from Google came way back in 2012 and a refreshed model in 2013. However, the Nexus 10 and Nexus 8 which got launched later on never received the kind of attention from both the manufacturer and the buyers.

The only good thing that happened to the tablet scenario is that Apple never stopped making their iPads in the past few years and also introduced the iPad Mini as well as iPad Pro. Just last year, they refreshed the entire lineup with slimmer bezels and also offered older iPad models for just $350 or less making it more popular than they used to be. There is no equivalent of the same in the Android which is what the upcoming Samsung tablets, if true, should fill in and provide buyers with an option to experience the freedom the OS provides.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the next big smartphone launch in the lineup. The previously launched Galaxy Tab S5e is your best bet if you want to buy something right away. It has 4 GB of RAM in the base variant with 64 GB of storage, runs on Android 9.0 and is supported by 7,040 mAh battery. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope a premium tablet comes our way soon.

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