Samsung is Planning a Foldable Luxury Flip-phone

Samsung’s highly anticipated foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold was just launched in Berlin at IFA 2019. New reports are indicating that Samsung is already planning to release yet another foldable device by early 2020. It’s noteworthy that the first time Galaxy Fold was launched this year, it faced harsh reviews and major problems in functionality. Samsung even had to cancel pre-orders until they finally resolved all issues in all these months before the second launch. It’ll be interesting to see how they come up with a worthy upgrade in such a short span after releasing the first model, which took years to perfect.

Could this be the Samsung Galaxy fold 2?

So far there has been no information on whether the phone will be the successor to Galaxy Fold or a model from some another Samsung smartphone line. According to Bloomberg, confidential inner sources from Samsung have revealed the next foldable device will be a luxury smartphone that comes with a 6.7-inch inner display. It will fold inwards into a compact-sized square, like a clamshell. It’s also being said that the phone will be more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But, although the phone is seemingly under development phase, production and release will eventually depend on the performance of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy fold in the market.

Design & Features

The foldable device will be a collaboration between Samsung and American designer Thom Browne. This strengthens the claim that it will be a luxury phone, given Thom Browne’s reputation as an elite designer. Moreover, it will also give the device a broader customer base, as there will be many users who are into fashion and luxury will buy a foldable Samsung phone designed by Browne, no matter what its specifications and features are. And of course, for those interested in technology, a next-generation foldable device from Samsung is a good enough deal on its own, and the luxury aspect will be a bonus. Both Browne and Samsung declined when they were asked for comments on the news.

The phone will have a punch-hole set up in the screen for a front camera, unlike the Galaxy Note 10 series. The rear side will have a dual-lens camera setup which would be on the front when the phone is folded. Another key factor is that this phone would have a screen size and aspect ratio similar to a regular phone. That would allow apps to run in their default mode, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold which opens up to a big square screen that requires app modifications to run.

After all of this information has been released, users can expect full specifications and maybe even renders of the phone, as is the tradition with almost all Samsung phones these days. Foldable devices are definitely the next big thing in smartphone technology, and other big names like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are also entering the race. It’ll be interesting to see how Samsung’s foldable phones perform because their success is critical to its revival as the biggest smartphone seller in the world.

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