Samsung is Not Releasing Their Foldable Phone Until It’s Perfect

Samsung is Not Releasing Their Foldable Phone Until It’s Perfect

Unfortunately, we must announce you that the release date of Galaxy X, Samsung’s foldable phone, has been changed and we will be getting it later than expected. However, this is not bad new because the company wants to offer the best version of it and until then we are just going to wait.

DJ Koh, the mobile chief from Samsung, talked about why Samsung is postponing the release of its most awaited phone even though rivals are already lining up their versions of a foldable phone. Moreover, he mentioned that the Galaxy X would be a pocket tablet as it will function like one when unfolded. When folded the device will look just like a phone that can be used that way.

During an interview with CNET, DJ Koh provided us with more information as he talked about what he wants to do with this phone. Besides that, he mentioned that the Galaxy X would not only look interesting and seem futuristic but the features it will have will also be great for users.

When the display of the phone is folded, the company will deliver a lip-smacking screen which will measure more than 6.5 inches across and will not give users any difficulty in using it. Moreover, when unfolded, the Galaxy X is said to work just like a tablet with tablet features.

According to the same person, it is very important to have an increasing amount of screen in such a futuristic device. When the first Galaxy Note was launched seven years ago in October, it came with a display measuring 5.3 which gave the public a reason to mock it.

Now, a few years later, smartphone users are looking forward to receiving bigger and bigger phones. That can be seen in the plans of many phone manufacturers which are now releasing phones with larger screens due to the massive request. One of them is Apple with its iPhone XS Max which’s display is 6.5 inches. Another one is Google with its Pixel 3 XL which features a 6.3 inches screen.

Even though Samsung has a niche market for their foldable phone, Koh said that it would expand eventually as he is positive that people will realize their need for such phones.

From what we know, the foldable phone from the South Korean tech giant will be unveiled next month during the annual developer conference from San Francisco. Now for the release date, that is not so sure, but we know that it will be released next year.

Samsung New Foldable Phone

The Galaxy X known for the Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone is hardly being worked on right now as its reveal is quite early. Until that happens, we can take a look at a competitor’s prototype that shows us how the foldable phone might work.

The video specified shows a Lenovo smartphone which seems to be at a trade show. When the handset is folded, we can see a hidden hinge on its side. From what we have seen, the screen bends to fit the frame even though it is still on and working. Hopefully, the Galaxy X will do that too.

As it is just a prototype, the bezels are large, and the frame is thick which might make us think that it is a step backwards in the design development of the smartphones. Even though the design might not look so appealing, we will get a foldable phone. Besides that, no phone was bezel-less and perfect from the beginning so we should give the foldable phone a chance. However, the Galaxy X might be looking better than this one as Samsung is keen on providing great designs.

Samsung will be the first company ever to release a foldable phone which will be available for purchase with the beginning of next year. The phone will come with a series of new features that will make it even more unique if possible. Even though other phone manufacturers are trying to be the first, Samsung beats them all. The Galaxy X will be the right foldable phone or pocket table everyone is waiting for as we can’t compare it with other manufacturer’s prototypes.

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