Samsung is Dropping Headphone Jacks on the Note 10 and Galaxy S11

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean tech giant seems to consider losing the headphone jack for its future releases. Apparently, this move will become reality starting with the models expected to come next fall, the Galaxy S11 and the Note 10. Also, the company apparently suffered from yet another leak, this time regarding the Galaxy A9 2018.

A recent report stated that the change is going to come with either the Galaxy S11 or the Note 10. Apparently, the company will shift from the headphone jack to a sort of combination between the headphone dongle and the USB Type-C port found inside the smartphone. So far, we haven’t heard about a certain reason which would explain Samsung’s seemingly sudden decision, although there are some people out there speaking about a desire to change the design.

When we look at today’s market, then we see a tendency of making a design that is both thinner and lighter. More space will be obtained if they choose to remove the headphone jack and more space translates into either making the phone lighter or adding something else, like new components or a larger battery.

New Design

Moving on from the design, this change might be caused by the trend of wireless earphones. According to Strategic Analytics, a market researcher, the global market of wireless earphones will apparently reach 73.9 million units in 2019 and until 2022 would increase to 100 million.

In other news, the Galaxy A9 2018 was apparently leaked by Samsung on its main site, according to a post from Slashleaks. The site showcased a device with the code name of SM-A920FZIDSKZ and you can get it in black, blue or pink. It seems that the A9 2018 will come with 4 cameras on the rear, a fingerprint scanner and LED flash.

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