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Samsung has one Last Device to Unveil Before 2018 Ends

Samsung fans have been spoiled with several reveals in 2018 and it seems that the Korean giant may have one last ace up its sleeve.

The company has been hard at work as the Galaxy S10 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S line and the flagship will pack the finest bleeding edge technology that is currently available. Some sources claim that the much-anticipated smartphone will offer a display that is free from any bezels, an advanced ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor and the speedy 5G network support among several other features.

Samsung Galaxy F

The elusive device that may be soon revealed could be the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy F, a flexible smartphone that has been teased by Samsung since 2014. The device may be unveiled during an event that will take place next week. In official advertisements, the theme of the event is ‘’the crossroads between the present and the future’’ a line that can be clearly interpreted as a hint that something futuristic is on its way. Another suggestive clue is an animated promotional video where a thin line seamlessly opens in the shape of a V, another hint towards a flexible device.

An ‘’accidental leak’’ was also dropped by Samsung as they recently registered a mysterious ‘’Infinity-V’’ trademark. On one hand, the ‘’Infinity’’ moniker has been usually used for displays that offered minimized bezels, and it may a new version of that display, which could premiere on the Samsung Galaxy S10. On the other hand, it may be connected with the symbol in the previously mentioned promotional video and the first flexible display to be commercially available.

Samsung is so confident on the future releases of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F that it started to call out Android competitors while giving Apple a break. It remains to be seen if the flexible smartphone will be unveiled in the following days.

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