Samsung has New Plans Regarding its Anniversary Phone

Samsung has New Plans Regarding its Anniversary Phone

As we all know, this year will be the 10th anniversary of Samsung, and along with this big event, the company wants to launch the Galaxy S10 with more than we have ever expected. As the industry is keen on leaking crucial information before the phone being released, we found out that this phone will be equipped with triple rear cameras, will have a taller display, and ultrasonic reader mounted in the display, 5G support, smoother software updates, and unsurprisingly a genuine Face ID rival. If you thought this was all, maybe you would be delighted to find out that Samsung has even more hidden in its pipeline.

According to the company, this Samsung Galaxy S10 will be more than just an update to the Galaxy S9. It will, and it will win the hearts of this South Korean tech giant’s fans.

SamMobile picked up some comment regarding this situation which was talked about by DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung Mobile division. According to his statement to Chinese media, the design of the Galaxy S10 will change in a very significant way and also the crowd will be pleased with the upgrades it will have.

When asked for further information and specific details, the CEO declined, but at least he confirmed the existence of a great Samsung Galaxy S10. Besides that, his statement confirms the fact that multiple reports about this phone were right and the phone will be almost bezel-less and bigger in size.

As information is never too much, Koh revealed a clue that Galaxy S10 will come in a wide range of amazing colors. Maybe this change comes because the public does not consider Samsung adventurous enough with the colors of their phones, so the company is trying to please every picky possible purchaser of one of their future phones.

One other important thing is that Koh made his statement in a specific context.

Koh was giving away all this information in China where Huawei, the Chinese brand of phones, was extremely talked about when it came to the gradient color scheme that its P20 Pro has. This might mean that the Galaxy S10 will have a similar design. Besides its colors, the P20 Pro was also praised about its triple camera setup which the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with too.

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer from OnLeaks, the Galaxy S10 will be the most different phone from the S-series when compared with its predecessors as this phone will be available in 9 gradient color schemes. The South Korean tech giant confirmed this information on its own.

In addition to that, it looks like the Galaxy S10 will have a design as “PVT is just around the corner.” PVT is an abbreviation for ‘Product Validation Testing,’ and it is talked about every time a device was built for the last time. After this last version is tested and it passes every bit of thoroughly part of the series of tests, then it will be mass produced, and the customers will receive them.

Of course, it isn’t just Chinese companies driving this design change from Samsung.

Not only the Chinese companies are indulging with this gradient design. This type of design is very appreciated in clothes, nail art so why would not we get it on phones too? Apple thinks the same.

Apple will be launching its iPhone XR (considered one of the most exciting phones of the new iPhone trio) in some amazing six colors such as Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Red, and Coral. The iPhone XR is expected to make more sale revenue than the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS combined.

Having this many colors might not be a good idea for Samsung as the holding of the inventory of such a range would not be easy. At least it has its own strategy, and that is to release more and more colors every time the interest in one of its phones drops.

The question that comes into our mind is whether the budget Galaxy S10 will be available in those colors as well and if it will happen as the leaks say. A man can hope at least.



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