Samsung Gets US Patent for a New Camera-fitted S-Pen; Galaxy Note 10 May Feature These

In a move that has taken a lot of market observers by surprise, the South Korean giant Samsung Electronics has applied for and has been granted a US patent for an all-new S-Pen. The United States Patents and Trademark Office, found by Patently Mobile, has shared the details of the patent in the public domain. The notable feature of this new S-Pen is the inclusion of a camera in it. This has set the industry on fire with a whole lot of surmises and theories being offered.

How the Newly Patented S-Pen Has Been Structured

The new S-Pen, as per the image released by the US Patents Office, has inside it an optical system. The functioning of this system will be controlled through a key that is also included in the configuration. Samsung has already introduced Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt battery within the S-Pen that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now, armed with this new patent, Samsung may launch this with the next Note series, which should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in 2019. It is learnt that the optical system as the whole configuration is called, can accommodate more than one lens for taking photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen

Possibilities Galore with the New Component

The striking thing about this new development is that the camera system in the S-Pen would be fitted with the optical zoom. Technologists claim that this is far superior to the digital zoom that is seen on all smartphones across the spectrum. So, this newly patented S-Pen gives Samsung an enormous opportunity to innovate and improvise with its next-generation smartphones where the S-Pen is included. The phone’s design could do away with the front camera and the S-Pen allowed to handle the functions of the selfie camera as well, besides all that it does.

And it is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 alone, or other devices in the smartphone range, it can be extended to the tablets and laptops too. An innovative component like this will add immense value to the product it is added to. Going ahead, Samsung can tweak the software that runs the smartphones to make the S-Pen an add-on and used as an external device; you never know.

Having said all this, there is no certainty that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will feature this newly patented S-Pen. One has to hear from Samsung officially to confirm that.

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