Samsung Gear S4 Will Launch Alongside Galaxy Note 9 in August

Samsung is planning a huge event in August! The event is called “Unpacked” and it will be hosted at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The reason why this event is so highly anticipated is because Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Note 9. Not just that, but the tech giant also announced that Gear S4 might be revealed during the event alongside Galaxy Tab S4.

Samsung Gear S4

Even though Samsung confirmed that Gear S4 is being developed for nearly one year now, the tech giant didn’t want to unveil too many details about it. However, this was to be expected since Samsung always keeps the details about key features that its upcoming devices will sport a secret.

The Smartwatch is Coming Soon

The Eurasian Economic Commission posted a listed where it announced that Gear S4 will be coming sooner than expected! The Eurasian Economic Commission listing said that Gear S4 is scheduled to come out at the same time with Galaxy Note 9. The only thing that could cause the smartwatch to be delayed are software issues, but Samsung is going to make sure that never happens.

Four Gear S4 Models

We should also mention that a recent Samsung document leak was mentioning a “portable minicomputer brand” which leads us to believe that Samsung is referencing to Gear S4. Moreover, the leaked document contained the following codenames: SM-R800, SM-R805, SMR810 and SM-RM81. The codenames prove to us that Samsung is going unveil four models of Gear S4.

Just like the current Gear S3, Samsung is surely going to launch the “Classic” and “Frontier” models. The Classic model is designed for people who love to wear smartwatches to formal events while the Frontier model is designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities and need LTE connectivity alongside better resistance. The other two models are probably going to have special features that make them ideal for different activities.

Bigger Battery

As you would expect from Samsung, Gear S4 will ship with all the latest cutting-edge technology and this means that Gear S4 will feature a brand-new 480mAh battery. This is a big improvement in comparison with Gear S3 which is powered by a 380mAh battery.

With that being said, the upcoming Gear S4 models will be able to last for longer times. Samsung might improve the battery life of Gear S4 even further by optimizing their processor, but we can’t know that for sure.

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