Samsung Gear S4 vs. Apple Watch Series 4 – What We Know So Far

Samsung Gear S4 vs. Apple Watch Series 4 – What We Know So Far

2018 is going to be the year where we are finally going to see two strong tech giants battle on the smartwatch market: Samsung and Apple. So far we only got around to hearing some rumors and some innocent leaks going around about these two companies and their two devices. This is why we decided to compile all the evidence that we have collected thus far about Samsung Gear S4 and the Apple Watch Series 4. This will help give you a very well contoured image of what these two devices will be like and hopefully most of our predictions will turn out to be true.

Samsung Gear S4

It is only natural that we start our discussion with Samsung’s latest device since it is the one that we know the most about. The first thing that we want to talk about is the design of the smartwatch. We are expecting it to look pretty similar to the Gear S3 with a couple of small improvements. One of the upgrades is the OLED display feature. If this is the truth, then this would mean that the smartwatch would have a small number of additional features added to it. For instance, we could see the level of the battery’s life on your smartwatch quite easily.

Yes, to some this feature may seem redundant since we have grown accustomed to it on our smartphones but it is a time that it officially and completely transfers to the smartwatch department.

The Tizen-powered watch will undoubtedly look sleeker, with a minimal footprint compared to previous devices and maybe even a fingerprint scanner thrown into the mix as well. Some rumors also suggest that we will get a small inbuilt camera into the watch, but we will have to see if that will happen.

If we are talking about Samsung Health, then this smartphone is said to have better software integration with it. The biggest rumor going around about the software capabilities of this watch is the fact that it will now be a reliable blood pressure measurer. Even more, the device is said to be able to monitor the user’s sleeping habits. Of course, this would mean that he or she would have to wear it while sleeping but alas, that is the price of health.

When it comes to the price of this device, we think that it will be quite similar to previous devices in this category. This means that the price tag will probably gravitate around 350 dollars.  If the South Korean company decides to go all in on some new crazy features, then you best expect the price to go up. We will have to wait and see.

Apple Watch Series 4

This device will probably see a complete redesign, which would be a welcome addition since the last new implement design came in late 2015. It is being said that the size of the display will be up to 15 percent larger than previous devices and that the smartwatch will also have more substantial battery life. We think that Apple’s latest smartwatch could come with a new gesture-based interface. We are basing our theory on the fact that the tech giant has made some significant improvement in their UX departments and that could transfer into their next smartwatch.

The wildest rumor at the moment is that the Watch 4 is going to come with a Face ID feature. This is by far the most unlikely rumor, and you should not hold your breath for it to become a reality, at least shortly. A Face ID feature could be added to future smartwatches but right now it seems unlikely that the company has managed to minimize the footprint of the sensors and the mandatory selfie camera that is needed for this feature to work.

Healthwise, the latest Apple watch is said to have improved fitness companion functions. Some of these rumored features are the automatic activity detection and a better heart rate monitoring feature. Another thing that is very likely to happen is that the watch will be able to monitor wrist movements during various sports activities.

If we start to talk about the possible price tag of the Apple Watch Series 4, then we will have to guide our arguments on the price tag of the previous smartwatch. That being said, the modest Wi-Fi version of the Watch 4 will probably cost 350 dollars, and we may even see a 430 dollar variant of the smartwatch for both cellular and Wi-Fi compatibility. The Series 3 edition had some pricy, almost collectible like, variants, the most notable being the Hermes one, which was priced between 1100 dollars and 1500 dollars. We may see Apple pull a similar stunt and make a premium variant of the Watch 4 series which could have a similar price tag.



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