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Samsung Gear S4 Release Date Finally Gets Leaked

For most Samsung fans, August is the month when we are finally going to see the Note 9 in reality and purchase it. The beginning of this month is going to mark a number of events where Samsung is going to finally unveil the device and set a release date (probably in the second half of the month). However, it seems that the last of the summer months might host a number of other events as well. The main one that we are referring to is linked with a rumor that has started to spread.

Samsung Gear S4 Release Date

Since by now we have your attention, we would like to announce that the month of August might mark the unveiling date of another device coming from Samsung: the Gear S4. This rumor comes from ETnews. Since the high-end smartphone is et to be launched during that months, this would create the perfect opportunity for the company to use the event as the unveil date for another one of their devices. Samsung Gear S4 has already gained some traction online, with rumors upon rumors discussing some of its features, what OS is it going to use, the extent of its battery life and many others. We are left to speculate only because we know little official information about the device.

Samsung Gear S4 Top of the Range Specs

Samsung seems that they want to keep the details about their next wearable device under wraps in order to wow their fans when the device is going to be released finally. Samsung Gear S4’s predecessor, the gear S3, was unveiled at an event in late 2016. This smartwatch came with LTE support a year earlier that Apple’s smartwatches did. Sadly, not that many apps decided to make use of this feature and implement it.

This means that the Gear S4 might finally mark the time where the South Korean tech giant steps up to Apple’s challenge and releases a smartwatch that is just as good, if not better than Apple Watch. Of course, we will have to wait and see the official list of specs and other extended features, but we admit that we are quite interested to see what Samsung will come up with. The battle between the two companies is always a fun thing to watch, and it gives us, the users, the option to see two companies battle to release new technologies that we can use on a regular basis and which make life easier.

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