Samsung Gear S4 New Leaks Reveal Design and Software

Samsung Gear S4 New Leaks Reveal Design and Software

In the smartphone space, we have already seen some remarkable technological advancements. However, nothing groundbreaking happened to wearables.

Samsung and Apple are just improving the internals while they are still stuck with old designs.

According to some reports, it is said that an upcoming smartwatch from Samsung is being redesigned,  the Samsung Gear S4 that could also run Google’s Wear OS.


If you want some finer details, here you will have them.

A new change has been implemented, and the Samsung Gear S4 is going to offer a newer User Experience (UX).

The Gear series wearables of Samsung still have that “rotating bezel” design since 2016, and these two years feel like more than four taking into consideration how gadgetry is evolving.

Samsung is considering offering newer UX interaction with its soon to be released Gear S4 wearable which could, however, be something more like the ‘crown’ on Apple Watch or hopefully an improved rotating bezel.

E-SIM support is something known of Apple, but it can somehow be implemented by Samsung as well. The Gear S4, with his older sibling S3 Frontier model that supported 3g/LTE, it might offer a standalone telephony experience if it comes with an e-SIM – similar to the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular variant.


Samsung, the Korean electronics chief tries to create a new design for its Gear S4. Panel Level Packaging helped the company build a new application processor, this method giving a slimmer profile to the soon to be released smartwatch. We were used to the round shape of the earlier S Gear models, so it is not clear if Samsung will stick to it or perhaps change to a different shape, maybe rectangular like Apple.

About Panel Level Packaging

Panel Level Packaging is the latest microelectronics packaging trend having the goal of miniaturizing the chips’ sizes in order to create a smaller package volume as well as making the device thinner.

More details about the Samsung Gear S4

Samsung Gear S4 might come with a new name if the acclaimed tipster Ice universe is right by saying that we will be calling it, Galaxy Watch.

Ice universe also reports that the smartwatch might run Google’s Wear OS and Tizen OS that was seen in many predecessors of Samsung wearables.

What is even greater is the possibility of Gear S4 coming with a 470mAh battery, better than the earlier model that has a 380mAh battery. Another advantage of Samsung Gear S4 is the ability to support fitness-focused features, especially blood pressure monitoring.

Even the price might be lower.

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